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Russia and Belarus

Amy and me as Belarus and Russia from Axis Powers Hetalia
The Red Square on the background is so epic >D

photo by Imma <3
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This is one of the best cosplays I've ever seen.
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I absolutely love this your costumes are absolutely flawless and just the angle that the picture was taken in makes it that much better!
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Oooh, Russia's in trouble...

At least if Belarus sees him.

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The quality of those costumes are amazing!
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Amazing cosplay!
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Awesome cosplay!!!!
Your Russia's wig is fantastic! Where did you buy it?
twingofamemonster's avatar
is this photo shop?
prussia-awsome's avatar
Were did you get Russia's costume! Please tell me! I LOVE the picture. You did a great job.
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Where did you get the star medal? I've been looking everywhere for one of those.
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I want to marry you.
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This is just gorgeous! The cosplayers look amazing, and the photo over all is brilliant!
If I may ask, what type of camera did you use?
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can you please tell me where you bought these cosplay costumes? My friend and i really want to dress up as Belarus and Russia for Otakon!
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...Russia is so....HGUTRGN5H4H. TwT
I love these cosplays ;D
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Wow, Russia just looks absolutely stunning. And Russia's skin is so clear, lol.

Creepy Belarus is awesome in the background.
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Her only thought is: SOON.
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This is awesome. I thought at first that you were porcelain dolls, but turns out you aren't!
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mog I love this one!!!!
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Очень нравится!~косплей прекрасен.
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