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Madam Dyana - Beta Courser - Aryn, DotW

New 18th of May, 2018: Updated her app, she's now a young adult and also has a fresh wound/scar added to her :P.
Aaaand she is a Gamma Courser now :la:!
16th of Nov, 2017:  Little Dyana has been born :D!
14th of Nov, 2017: She's in!!! I'm so happy Heart La la la laLa la la la Heart !!


Name: Dyana (Dee-yah-nah)
    Meaning: Goddess of the hunt, the moon and nature.
                    In Roman mythology she's associated with wild animals and woodland, and having the power to talk to and control animals. 
    Nicknames: Dee, Yana, Daya, Deeyah

:star:Age: Young Adult (16th of May,18)
Gender: Female

Height: 34.5'' (+?)
Weight: 100 lbs

Build: Overall she takes after the masculine side of her family, though her face bears quite the feminine features of her mother. Long, sturdy legs with big, yet slightly nimble paws (thanks to her mother) that carry a strong, well defined and muscled body. Being less heavy than she could be, makes her quite the runner. 

As a puppy she'll often curse her bigger, more nimble paws, as they cause her to stumble and trip a lot until she learns to control them coming juvenile age. Being a bit bigger than most puppies, yet not fatter sometimes make her come across a bit lithe or thin even.
Her fur is very long, soft and fluffy, especially in her younger phases and thusly she sometimes struggles with things getting stuck in it.

As an adult she's gotten Athena's tufts on her forehead and tiny ones on her ear tips. 

        Young: Niketa Calame (Young Nala *1*  &  *2*)
        Adult: Irene Bedard (Pocahontas *clicky*)

Themes: Bryan Adams - Here I Am ;  Pocahontas - Colors Of The Wind


Territory: Aryn

Family: Athena (Mother) + Alcatraz (Father)

    Siblings:  [1st litter] Raphael (Vicar, brother), Teva (Warden, sister), Lazarus (Ranger, brother), Storm (Ranger, sister)

                    [2nd litter] Tzuri (Vicar, brother), Nero (Warden, brother), Killian (Warden, brother), Hawthorn (Presumed dead, brother)

                 Bullet; Green[3rd; litter mates] Imelda (Pup, sister), Artemis (Pup, sister), Daenerys (Pup, sister)

                    [Adopted] Riley (Missing, brother) + Neka (Pup, sister) + Aivar (Ranger, brother) + Miriam (Omega, sister) + Daphne (Missing, Courser, sister)

Extended Family (maternal only): 
    Grandparents: Miriam & Hermes (deceased), 
    Aunts / Uncles: Hedge (Outcast, uncle), Glyph (Missing, Uncle), Wendle (Missing, uncle),....+
    Nieces / NephewsElias (Pup, nephew), Brielle (Pup, niece), Azhoyel (Pup, nephew)
    CousinsAdrian (Rah'at, Master Vicar), Alexandro (Missing, Rah'at, Master Ranger), Varrick (Missing, Ranger), 
    Second cousinsSkunk (missing)
    First cousins once removedKane (Ra'hat, Master Warden), Mavis (in Vale), Merill (Presumed dead, adopted by Adrian), Huginn Muninn Phara Julia Opeh (all missing), 
    Second cousins twice removedUrsuline (Pup), Barin (Pup); Riga (Omega, adopted by Kane Eden)

    In-LawsShoshana (Mate of Tzuri, Omega) Eden (Mate of Kane, Gamma Ranger)Charaka (Missing, mate of Alexandro, Beta Warden), Lizbeth (Outcast, [ex?]mate of Hedge)

:star::new:Rank: Beta Courser ; prefix Madam preferred, because Mistress reminds her too much of Hekate.


[Inquisitive / Questioning] * Puppy > Juvenile > dies down immensely after young Adult *
Dyana tries to understand everything and anything. She believes that if you know someone's reasoning and motives, you are able to understand their actions and rationale better. Even if someone is doing "bad" things, as long as they explain their point of view and/or motivations, she's able to see it from a neutral standpoint and thusly able to follow. Though, this doesn't mean she would agree with their choice of action and/or willingly doing the same, if it doesn't follow her morals.

However, this also makes her a constant "Why?" user... always trying to understand someone's reasonings and barely taking "Because I said so" for an answer, especially in her puppy age. She'll openly, in front of everyone, question illogical rules without hesitation. As long as she's provided with a full explanation, she'll be satisfied and obeys.

[Self cautious / Confident] * Puppy + *
Boasting around and being overly confident is only a facade she is putting up, to hide her being highly self cautious about her body. All of her sisters are more lithe, feminine and overall like their mother Athena, yet Dyana is unable to see her own feminine features and beauty and, while loving her father dearly, silently resents her bigger build.
This continues until she'll finally smooth out more and more as she grows and she realizes that being bigger, doesn't always mean being uglier and sure has its own perks. Besides, she will also learn that while her paws are big, they are slightly more nimble than her father's, inheriting that from her mother.
Even though disliking her body, she is well aware of her own strength and abilities and will especially take pride in her good hunting skills later on - being able to provide for the pack, filling their bellies and bringing happiness.

[Hunter / Nature loving] * Puppy + *
Hunting is something that lies in her blood and she excels in it. While finding great pleasure and an outlet in such activities, she respects nature and the natural balance and greatly frowns upon hunting for sports or cruel enjoyment. As it is part against Arynian law, she'll also readily protect wildlife from such activities, should she ever be witness to such. Being naturally in tune with nature helps her to use it in her hunts and also in times where she just needs to be alone and takes strolls through Aryn's woods and territory.

[Optimistic / Reassuring / Loving] * Puppy + *
Fighter or not, doubts or not, Dyana is a very fun and encouraging wolf to be around at most of the time. She has an eye for the positive traits of another, even if they can't see it themselves sometimes. She would rather focus on positive things and shift the general attention onto those, instead of brooding over despair, darkness and depression. Mostly coming from the mood the pack was in, when she was born. Often times she will just offer a shoulder to lean onto, without saying anything - just being there, if others need it. Though, she readily and honestly will hand out advice, if someone is seeking her opinion on a matter.
Despite all of that, however, she is not one to turn a blind eye to serious subjects and won't swipe them under the rug, but rather facing them head on and comfort her packmates.

[Outspoken / Talkative] * Puppy + *
Being good with words is one of her talents and she'll readily make use of it. She seldomly backs down from an argument and will stand her ground and defend her viewpoint, if she sees fit and  sometimes bluntly ignores rank and authority, especially as a young one. This also includes her being on the rather talkative side of the bunch, enjoying open and honest conversations over silence. She believes that communication is healthy and helps to get rid of misunderstandings and therefore will go out of her way and swallow her pride to approach someone.
Once she nears her young adulthood, however, she'll become more reasonable and uses her talent for negotiations between others and will choose her words more wisely and with way more empathy.

[Hot headed /Lively] * Puppy *  >>>>>>  [Proud / Calm] * late Juvenile + *
Dyana, especially in her first few months, will readily take on any challenge and shows no fear. She loves a good play fight and it is not uncommon for her to use her surroundings to win such fights. As much as she stands up for herself, she stands up for others and doesn't shy away to use physical force to bring her point across.
She'll mellow out greatly eventually, starting with her juvenile stage and her training as a courser, due to the fact that she understood, that hunting is not achieved through blindly charging at everything. From that point on, she'll make an actual effort to get her temper in control and eventually being able to stay calm, even through heated arguments. When she's finally hit that stage, it will become increasingly difficult for others to provoke her.

[Structure loving / Rules follower] * Juveline + *
While growing up, Dyana will learn to cherish the rules that her pack and her culture has set up. She understands that those are needed to function as a union and that without them and without sticking to such will only lead them to chaos, confusion and destruction. From the point of realizing that, you can actually see her encouraging and urging others to do the same. Though, she won't follow rules that make no sense to her blindly and this is where her questioning personality comes through once again. 

[Doubtful / Unsure] * Juvenile > Young adult > +? *
Born in a darker and sadder time for Aryn, Dyana doubts the existence of The One. While she is able to see how much joy, comfort and strength He gives to most of her packmates, she's not blind of the doubt and depression some of the others are suffering from, due to the "lack of action" He is supposed to show, to protect his followers. Besides this, she's bewildered by the fact that it is against the divine law to kill another wolf, though, killing prey is acceptable - it hardly makes sense to her and she'll be struggling with her relationship with The One, as she is growing up.

[Family/Pack orientated / Protective & Brave] * Late juvenile + *
Although she might not understand and (yet?) share their love and devotion for The One, she loves her family and her pack more than anything else and will not stand by if their faith, and thusly their comfort, courage and happiness, is being mocked, bashed or talked down upon. She has sworn loyalty to her pack and therefore to her family and will stick with them until she or them will take their last breath and you damn well can count on her falling before she'll let them die.
Abandoning your duties or the pack are things she won't easily forgive and forget and one can easily lose all respect in her eyes, if doing so willingly. She herself doesn't think she nor her siblings are anything special, coming from the Alpha pair, however she's aware that others - especially other packs - might and therefore thinks they should at least try to be the embodiment of Arynian culture and laws the most.

[Cautious / Analytical] * Young adult + *
Training showed her a way of cautiousness and she uses this in her everyday life, once she becomes a young adult, due to certain stories she has heard and her own experiences. Analyzing your surroundings will help you to be ready at all times, as well as being able to use it during a hunt or a fight. Plus, a wolf - just like prey - is a creature, with habits, injuries, certain behaviour patterns, etc. and can therefore be analyzed just as well as prey. She found that out during her hunts and play fights. This quality and thought process make her a foe that is not to be underestimated and she's well aware of her own abilities and limits.

Star!Those above are subject to change as she grows up / through RPs.
I would like her faith in The One to be one of those things, i.e. it can end up both ways: Her ending up as a full believer or denier.


Dyana is the daughter of Lady Athena and Lord Alcatraz, the alpha pair of Aryn.
She's born in late Autumn and during a time where you could cut the sadness and tension within the pack with a knife, shortly after one of their young had been abducted and announced dead, the pack tries to move on.
It was during this time, that The One granted the older Alphas another, third, litter of their own and this flame and light of hope is embedded within Dyana, always trying to lighten up the darker mood.



Bullet; Green Hunting
Bullet; Green Running
Bullet; Green Conversations
Bullet; Green Play fights
Bullet; Green Cuddling
Bullet; Green Positivity
Bullet; Green Loyalty & Honesty


Bullet; Red Rain > getting soaked (she only likes the fact that the rain will mask her own sounds during a hunt)
Bullet; Red Cowards 
Bullet; Red Disrespect
Bullet; Red Cruelty
Bullet; Red Disloyalty & Lies
Bullet; Red Negativity
Bullet; Red Senseless rules ("Because I said so!")

Group History:

+2 Bones for joining

Total count:

Star! Original design by WynBird & Wildfire-Tama
Design is combined with inspirations from Dyana's family members:
  • WynBird 's: Face & shoulders (Hedge, Athena, Hermes), Back & tail (Miriam, Hedge, Hermes, Athena)
  • Wildfire-Tama 's Alcatraz (Body color, toes, face, eyebrows & dots, tail tip, chest and belly), Chin & muzzle (Alcatraz' father)

Star! Ref for the puppy picture belongs to CastleGraphics (
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