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D.Gray man

D.gray man cosplay
Yuu Kanda: :iconigniriskiota:
Allen Walker: me
Lenale Lee: :icondids-91:
Photo: :iconshunrikkahime:

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Well, where to begin?
The firist thing that stood out to me, when I first saw this, was the coustumes.
I like them, and the authenticity is great quality, but the thing that made me cringe was how new they looked. Now I am not one to talk, being I admire that clean look just as much as the next OCD person, but when cosplay comes to form, I always remember to scruff it up a bit. What I mean by that is not vandalize the coustumes, but rather give them a more used and authentic visual. I highly doubt that the characters who you protray would look so brand-new. Honestly there is nothing wrong with that, and I almost cry whenever I take the seam-ripper to that fresh and clean outfit that cost me an arm or two, but it depends on how much you are willing to give to look more "real".
If you don'y understand my ramblings, I can easily simplify it. The point is, I would give the coustumes a more authentic "used" look, such as small tears, maybe a bit of "dirt" and some frayed edges.
Next, I don't know if you have picked up on this, but many cosplayers go for the blue and green tints when it comes to Lenalee and Kanda's hair. I don't know if the two were wearing wigs above, but if so, maybe next time (if there is a next time) add the tints. If it isn't a wog (<img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":o" title=":o (Eek)"/>) then I would recommend those nice non-permanant bottles of spray on hair color. Or you could leave it be, like I said, not the most important detail.
Uh, on Lenalee maybe a more asian makeup (don't mean to be racist) like eyeliner flared up on the edges, though ethnic orgin really cannot be helped.
Now, I just love your expressions! So in character and just wonderful. The bare background is also a nice touch and draws more attention to you rather than the scene itself.
Was photoshopped used? Just wondering because where are the facial blemishes? Dark circles, I see none.
One thing I would have done for Kanda, I would have darkened the area beneath his(? I cannot tell cause of the hair and eyes.) eyes. This gives a more angry and tired look, that most of us D. Gray Man fans associate with Kanda.
Other than that, the slight scowl or lack of a smile is really in character.
I would just like to say good job! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>
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Hi, I'm the Lenalee of the picture.

Just wanted to answer some important points of your critique. First of all the dirty stuff xD Honestly... we spent the whole day in the con, which was a tiny, dirty, full of people place, so yeah, uniforms were more than used this day. Also we stayed in a park with sand (yup) for a long time, and oh, trust me: face to face uniforms didn't look so brand-new. Why am I explaining you this? Because the exorcist may had a similar rotuine: walking for hours in a place full of people, stayed in a place with some sand... and if after that our uniforms didn't look dirty enough it's because they didn't have to ^^; However I think the exorcist can look clean too xD I'm sure that, at some point, their uniforms are clean xDD

Second point of discussion: Lenalee's hair and eyes. I'm aware some cosplayers used purple or green wigs for their cosplay, and some of them used a black wig like me. Some of them used violet lenses, while others used brown or even blue! Think about that: why so many differences? Well, that's because Lenalee's hair and eyes aren't the same the whole time. In the anime sometimes her hair looks black or dark green, and her eyes are black or purple. In some illustrations happens the same, but her hair also looks purple or even this way [link]! Which is crazy xDD In the manga her hair and eyes are black. Due to there's no specific reference I thought It'll be better the most realistic look (and also the one I like the most): dark hair and my own eyes :/ And the same thing happens with Kanda's hair xD In this case it's just a matter of taste; you may like it, you may not.

Third point: my "asian" look xD Honestly I don't like myself in the critiqued photo, and well, I'm sure you didn't look the rest of our DGM pics ^^u I invite you to do so [link]. Here you can see a close-up of my makeup [link]
Hope I made you change your mind >.<
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Oh haha, honestly I found nothing wrong with the picture and the outfits.
My critiques are merely what could be possibily changed rather than what is wrong XD
To be completely straight-foward, I though you did a great job. There are just certain preferences that each cosplayer adopts, and I find no fault in any of them. I will check out your other picture, but as I said before I was merely pointing out possibly changes rather than criticing.
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Amazing Cosplaying
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wow seeing such amazing cosplay makes me wanna try...but im toooooooo shy XD.Really good job!
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wow... amazing cosplays! they look fantastic!
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wow T^T where you got your cosplay? :D
Shibuky's avatar
I made it myselfff XD
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Kanda.... I must marry!!
Shibuky's avatar
no!! kanda is mine!! D< (ahahhahaha)
Withoutwingsx's avatar
Haha! Dang...
But... thats still all good :D
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so awesome pic
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Thank you so much! :3
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your much welcome xD
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You have to be the best Allen, no doubt about it xD Can I ask where you got the wig from? :3
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Noooo I'm not!! XD there are many better ones than me >///< but thankyou!!!
And actually the wig is from a shop called kidscharissa or something like that, I don't remember ir very well n__nU
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Wow qur maravilloso ñ_ñ
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:DDDDD graaacias!
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Absolutely stunning I LOVE it! I'm crossplaying as Allen as well but I've never been able to get his scar as well as yours, how do you do it?
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DON'T EVER SAY NEVER!! (Is this from any movie or something? LOL)
Wel I handpainted it 8D so every time I do a DGM photoshoot I'ts different from the other photos LOL
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Jo te ves genial :DDD
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Tendrias que hacer Ulquiorra :o mira mis dibujos pliiiiz
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foto super chullisima k envidia me dais >.<
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