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The Jungle Book (1894) by Rudyard Kipling

image board : The scene of Mowgli who grew up to be a 17 years old boy parted from gray wolves as his foster brothers.
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whoa... got your anatomy system down! (I could never draw the human anatomy system)
Definitely different than the Disney version--what is he, like 10 in that movie? I like it--wilder, more intense.
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Awesome pic!
The book was phenomenal, both The Jungle Book and The Second Jungle Book (I liked the second one best. ^^)
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Aww, wow! He's so beautiful and wild! :clap:
Beautiful artwork. I love the "wild" lean look.
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great work my lovies childhood family nickname was mowgli when he was little and he looks alot like your pic :D good job love your gallary you really stick to the old disney characters huh?
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This is fantastic. :) Kipling is my favorite writer and I have such a crush on Mowgli.
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^__^ I'm fave'n this~
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I like that jungle book than the disney version
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Gorgeous! I love how you drew Mowgli and the that Grey brother perhaps? :) I loved the jungle book...and the disney animated version left soo much out :upset: lovely art piece, it's great
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hmm i thought it was bulu, the bear he grew up with..o_O;;
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Wow, he's handsome.
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I've only read half of the book, I never knew he had ever grown up!
Wow he's pretty, :D
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Hi! my2k ( ^-^ )
Yes. He grows up to be a beautiful man like the spirit in jungle.

The last scene is full of lyricism.
I love this last scene and his foster brother's words.
Thank you.
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wow, there is so much I don't know about this novel.
He has a foster brother too? I have to read this all again.
Another book I miss, were the good old Wizard of Oz novels. There used to be at least 10 or more of them, not just the first one....The classics are always re-written today and I hate that :(
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