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Marlin and Dory

"Finding NEMO"
Marlin and Dory
The human version
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Gabywork's avatar
Aww Dory is so cute!!
madamson95's avatar
Aw...these are so cute!!!
Jie-n's avatar
Aww, Dory is to die for! :333
And Marlin is the overly worried, protective neurotic - head-on!

しぶは えお書くのが とても上手ですよ!
oliverespectro's avatar
Is always so fun too look human versions of disney animal characters!! GREAT ART!
SparkyGerbil's avatar
Love it! You got both of them spot on! :D
Finding Nemo FTW! :dance:
That goofy face would so fit with Dory :D
Musicrocksursox's avatar
PERFECT! marlin looks great!
virgil592's avatar
Sorry, (smacks own head)
virgil592's avatar
Dory: I think he and squirt went that way!

Marlin: Dory how could they have went that way that's the house.

Dory: (gasp) wow, nice house.

Marlin: You live there!

Dory: I do?! when did that happen?

Marlin: Dory! Nemo, Squirt, remember?

Dory:Yeah what about them?

Roflcoptinator's avatar
Great job on Marlin, but Dory??
CupidKirby's avatar
Pretty neat; what is Dory holding in her hand though?
If their were a human movie version of this Rupert Grint of the Harry potter series would play Marlin
little-moths's avatar
I think marlin should be older. but overall awesome!
NightShadow13's avatar
That is too perfect.
Taigan's avatar
Dory's a little sexier than I would have pictured. :O_o: ^^; But excellent work!
NeoSlashott's avatar
looks like they travel to find P-sherman wallabyway Sydney. =D nice!
J44's avatar
Very good! I love it! :aww:
Rosesquirrel's avatar
Adorable beyond belief. You have the *best* Disney fanart around!
FoxMaxwell's avatar
Dude if they actually did this as humans....HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?!!
You have a great Imagination with this, my friend!
SoulRaider116's avatar
Absolutely awesome!
kyria's avatar
DUDE. YES. This is so hardcore it's not even funny. WEEEE~
my2k's avatar
Smart design, again I'm commenting XD.
actually, I'm :+fav: ing to use as a refrence later...ehehehe, thankyou....
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