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I am dog-tired.

Many craftsmen visited my house today. A new tatami mats were covered on the parlor in my house today.
A tatami mat is made of straw bundled in layers which are stitched together, and the surface is covered with tightly woven rushes

The color of new tatami mats are beautiful green.
They have the smell of a fragrant green grass.
Rushes of the material are soaked to mud while the process of the manufacturing method work so that the tatami mat may keep a beautiful color and gloss.
Therefore, new tatami mats are covered with the mud that we can't see.
I polished many tatami mats, today!!
I made many dustcloths drip with mud.
And, me too.....
I am completely dog-tired.

However, the room is filled with a wonderful fragrance. I will dream about the prairie tonight.


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