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BEAUTIFUL! Awesome work. Kudo's from a fellow artist. AWESOME POSTWORK

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Sexy elf in an amazing outfit and a really cool little dragon. :)
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Thank you very much! Dancing dragon XD 
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Just stumbled upon this masterpiece. Clap 
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It reminds me of Vikings too :D
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This piece is incredible, I love what you did with the costume textures and the lighting, especially the spell circle in the background. :)
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Thank you very much! It is Neitherhenge  by OrestesGraphics. It is an older set, so I had to redo the materials in Iray. 
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Thanks, I have an idea for a render for a story I probably won't get written that could use that. Me trying to figure out how to weave plot threads together in a way that feels believable to create the sort of story I'd like somebody to write.
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Heh, yeah writing is hard work, which is why I stick to the pretty pictures. :)
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I often write very short stories to go along with my pictures, sometimes it's the story-concept that came first and the renders that came later.
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So cool, great outfit
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Amazing hair and outfit!
Fantastic and sexy!
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Superb!     :-)
great work, whole gallery
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Amazing detail, beautiful :)
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Very well done - amazing! :love:
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It's really amazing!

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this is absolutely gorgeous!!!
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