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Awesome work. Kudo's from a fellow artist.

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Amazing !!! Good job
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A bit of skullduggery goin on, but in a very sexy way. She's hot!

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Your art is top notch, I'm just hoping you may incorporate a little more nudity in your images but no doubt about it your images rock :clap:

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AWESOME!!! She may possibly make for an even better version of Harley Quinn than the original!! Love 
Definitely better...
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That is interesting that you thought of Harley. I didn't think of it before, but can definitely see it now because of the hair and tats. 
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Great work! She's got quite a lot of tattoos :)
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Thank you! That she do. :)
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She looks sassy! Beautiful render :)
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Thank you much! :D
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you just know she's trouble!
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lol! I don't know why you would think so. :wink 
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Haha! Thank you! skull emoticons death 
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Absolutely divineClap 
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Thank you much! 
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