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BLUE MYSTIC HUMAN ART by Dieffi, journal

How Do I Create My Images?

I create my art using Daz Studio, which you can get for free HERE. I also use Photoshop for postwork. For those who want to know more, here are some tutorials on how I render my images and combine them in Photoshop.

Jedi Princess, Star Wars Fan-Art, Daz Studio Iray
Supergirl DC Superheroine Fan-Art, Daz Studio Iray
Blonde Badass Girl with Guns Pin-Up Art Daz Studio
Blonde Elf Girl Fantasy Pinup Art, Daz Studio Iray
Red Riding Hood and Wolf, Fantasy Woman Art, Iray
Psylocke, X-Men Marvel 3D-Fan-Art, Daz Studio Iray
Rites of Spring, Fantasy Woman Art, Daz Studio
Upgrade, SciFi Fantasy Cyber Woman Art, Daz Studio
Red Dragons, Asian Girl with Sword Fantasy 3D-Art
Lollipop! Cute Cat Girl Fantasy 3D-Art, Daz Studio
Sci-Fi Girl with Gun, Fantasy Woman Art,Daz Studio
Fantasy Blonde Angel Girl Pin-Up Art, Daz Studio
Blonde French Maid Pin-Up Woman 3D-Art, Daz Studio
White Haired Sci-Fi Fantasy Girl Art, Daz Studio

Unlisted Items

Baroness, GI Joe Fantasy Woman Fan-Art, Daz Studio

I have gotten several messages about the outfit and belt used here. The belt is from Bounty Huntress Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s) and the outfit is from Catsuit 02 dforce outfit over at Rendo.

In general, if an item is unlisted, it is likely from Renderosity. Some of my favorite vendors over there include -

  1. Sangriart for character morphs.

  2. DM for poses.

  3. fefecoolyellow, lilflame, Yukatan, Rhiannon, nirvy, ShanasSoulmate, for clothing.

  4. The_Row_House for headdress.

  5. ShaaraMuse3D for props.

Have fun Daz-zing!

Those Abs!

Erotic Sexy Nurses, Fantasy Woman Art, Daz Studio

As you all know, I am a big fan of abs. The main morph product that I use is Shape Shift for Genesis 8 Female(s). I like these set of morphs because they are easy to use and separate out key areas of the body, including the torso which is what I use to dial in the abs, without affecting other parts of the body. I also use some of the BodyBuilder morph from Genesis 8 Female Body Morphs.

Llama Farm

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Wonderful collection. Thank you for the feature.

My pleasure and very welcome! Thank you!


Your recent Rinoa post inspired me to find a cool drawing of her and posted that on my page --

Rinoa - Pic from FF8 Fan Club

Thanks for the inspiration!

-- Todd

Lovely! I am going to need to do more with her and play with different face morphs.

Thanks for the Badges! :happybounce: