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Thank you for visiting my little spot on DA. At the moment, I am not doing any commissions or requests. However, if you like my artwork, definitely check out Daz Studio.

Daz Studio is free and best of all, no drawing skills are needed. Since I am pretty rubbish at drawing, this is a really good thing! Learn more about Daz Studio.

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What Did I Use?

What Does Our Art Say About Us?

Day of the Dead Girl Fantasy Art

Art is an expression of self. When we listen to our Muse and create a piece of art, the process may carry us to unexpected, surprising, and sometimes scary places. If we are brave enough to look under the surface, we may start to see certain patterns or themes that repeatedly arise in our images. In this way, we see part of our inner-selves.

It is also quite a lot of fun to go back and travel through mental imagery that made it to media. So I invite you to join me on this wonderful expedition. Look at your own artwork, and share with us what you find. Here are some of the things that I found when I looked.

What's Up?!

Water Dragons, Fantasy Woman Portrait Art, Iray

Hello all! I have been updating my websites and moving them over to Amazon which is why I haven't been doing much art. I have some articles I want to write including an art one, and then I will definitely get back into making more images.

Several people also asked about commissions. I don't generally do commissions and am not doing any right now. Art is more of a fun, de-stressing activity for me at the moment. If that changes, I will definitely post something.

Once I finish my planned art article, I will definitely post a link here. I am excited in hearing what you all think. 😀 Happy Creating to you all!!

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Thank you very much. Diamonds are a girl's best friends 😍

May I request you to create a 3d digital deviation artwork of a witch riding a unicorn

Shiba shake,

Thank you for the hype badge! I really appreciatie it.

Your art rocks, DAZ studio rocks

Thank you and you are very welcome. :heart:

Wow! You make some beautiful artworks! i really hope that one day I’ll be as good as you! Keep up the amazing work!!!

You are too kind. Thank you so very much. I do have some articles on my site about my work process.