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Commission - Nkfloofiepoof - Gyre

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It is finished! 

This image was commissioned by Nkfloofiepoof, in one of the most original commission requests I’ve had the pleasure to work on.

She gave me this song to listen to along with the lyrics, a huge list of characters to choose form, and then asked that I did whatever image the song inspired in me using some of them.

It was really cool to work with so much freedom. It would have been a bit intimidating if there hadn’t been a lot of communication before I actually started working on the pic itself. 

On a more technical level, I’m really happy with how it turned out. I made new brushes specifically for this image, and they work great. The background + whispy wind effect thingy are a spectacular example of how I will invariably complicate my own life given the slightest opportunity. It was awesome. /TTwTT\

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"Personally, I always considered Ironhide to be Optimus Prime's 2nd-in-command. Not, Jazz. Not, Prowl."
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O.o Wat happening ? 
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It's kind of an abstract scene thingy
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oooh, COol anyhow! ;D 
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Marvel Comics Time Wars?
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I have absolutely no idea.
My friends called this image as it was being made Transformers Vs Cosmic Twister <xD
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This is absolutely stunning. :O I'm glad Nkfloofiepoof gave you so much freedom for this piece, because you did a gorgeous job bringing it all together. (Bonus points, I discovered an awesome new song/musical artists thanks to you link!) I'll have to come back when I remember how to word, because I just cannot put together a coherent post about how gorgeous this is. :heart:
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Aww, thanks so much >__< I'm flattered /0////0\
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this is so cool
also, Gen 1!!
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Yissss 0w0
Todo el diseño de personajes bloqueoso xD
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as it should be!
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