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🌸 Mini INTRO 🌸

Shibapi are creatures from planet of Ontalia. Shibapi are super active so that’s why their most popular activity is dancing. Also some of them have a really glorious voices and these ones became a real idols among all Shibapi There you can become a part of our dance battles and win cool prizes or you can make your Shibapi the most popular idol among all Shibapi creatures !! Welcome and let’s have fun!! >//w//<

🌸 SHIBAPI are private closed species! Species are for mature people only! Please be nice and respect species owner. Do not make your own without given permission 🌸


Shibapi group Bonuses ! In this journal we are gonna introduce you to the group bonuses that you can receive in our group ! sparklesWhat the bonuses do we have ?sparkles We are working on really a lot of bonuses in our group. Here’s a list of the first ones that already exist : 1. Trait bonus 2. Discount bonus 3. MYO bonus 4. GA(Guest Designer) bonus sparklesWhat does each of them mean? sparkles * Trait bonus - means that you are getting an opportunity to get one different rarity trait for free for your Shibapi! The rarity of gotten trait depend on your activity. This bonus have 3 different types - Silver BCard/Bonus Card/, Gold BCard and Platinum BCard. All these bonuses give you different abilities for obtaining extra cool traits from our species Market in our Discord ! For example, if you re showing your activity in the Group Life like drawing your own Shibapi characters often enough , one of our mods can give you a Silver BCard. After getting it you can spend it on something in one of our shops of the Mall. But also you can keep it and wait till this card will get an upgrade to Golden one or even a Platinum. So then you will have even more opportunities to get some really cool and rare traits in the Mall shops ! * Discount bonus - gives you an opportunity to get a discount on any of our Official Adoptables. Discounts may be different too. That will depend on the worth of the adopt and their rarity, but usually it’s something about (15-50%) * MYO bonus - usually given for your really high activity and good behaviour in the group. * GA(Guest Designer) bonus - given to the most active people in the group. Gives you an ability to be chosen as a Guest Designer for one time. Take in mind you can get this bonus more than one time! The bonuses are given only by @O-nya and only depend on your activity in the group.
How can you show us your activity in our group ? Here’s some lil advices for you : * Just draw your Shibapi characters ! * Doing actively art gifts of other members Shibapi OCs is highly preferred too! * Enter to most of our events! * Be active in the “chat-box” of our Official Discrod Server! * Chatting via “Meeting-Room” (voice calls room in our Discrod Server) will also make a good opinion about you <3 * Also just not breaking any of our group rules/species TOS will also be a good to your karma(outdated)
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