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It's alright to use severed heads as pompoms right?
This is to show my isteem for Milo2 [link] and Ed Weird [link]
Such a great character and comic. the style of this drawing is based on it btw . . . thanks for the inspiration and entertainment Milo
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Awww.. Now THIS is a cheerleader I could tolerate :nod: *cackles n faves*
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That is entirely fabulous.
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I wish I could be that cheerleader. There are tons of people I would love to use their heads as pompoms. Or.. soccer balls.. The silhouette idea is really good. Thumbs up to you.
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thanks, i copied the silhouette style from milo2 [link]
as for using severed heads as pompoms . . . you'll always be needing another one . . . :evillaugh:
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coolest pic ever
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:lick: thank you Weazul
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OMFG!!! :eyepopping: MY EYES!!! THEY WATER WITH HAPPINESS!!! oh god... you people make me feel incredible... COOKIES FOR SHIBA-AKU!!! and you can be our cheerleader, sure. =D jesus. must go cry now. THANK YOUUUUUU!!!
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YEY! :boogie: Sweeeet I get to be a demonic cheerleader . . . :excuted: I'm so happy!!

mmmm cookies . . . :hug:
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YAAAY! See if cheerleaders got to do THAT I would have joined the squad. Instead of hiding out in the bathroom...I hated high school.

Let's go saw the legs off of a cheerleader!
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Nyahahahah that's pretty funny. I like the black on white style. ;)

La la la death la la la kill :boogie:
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that would make a bitchin tattoo ^^
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hmmmm i never thought of that . . . it would be quite lovely though . . . :evillaugh: then one could be branded as crazy forever!
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MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH*cough* yes! exactly! ah rah ree kick 'em in the knee rah rah rass kick 'em in the....
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