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It Tastes Better With Altitude
United States
Who said having a fish anthro BJD could never stink? :<
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Thank you guys for even talking to the spammer on this post. I just hid the unnecessary comments by the person since he/she was obviously just copying and pasting to your replies. Sorry if I offend hiding your comments to the spammer as well. Just rather strictly have this journal entry answering your guy's questions instead of needless talk from spammers.

I love you guys! And you guys rock!
-Shia ♥

I  moved once again. A few of you know this as it is. Haha. It's just another "Oh Shia" events. This makes it what, my 4th or 5th time moving within a year. I rule, right? XD

Anyway, upon moving I was able to use my neighbor's internet for awhile until they changed their password. Then I had to deal with sleazy Comcast. Ugh. That was fun. E_E;;; And upon that, it's hot. D: *SHAKEFIST* DAMN  YOU SUMMER. BUT I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AT THE SAME TIME. OTL

I also have been thinking a lot about my current hobby: Asian Ball Jointed Dolls (ABJDs). I really do not have time for it anymore and I realize this sitting down to think about my life and what I need to do to bring it back on track. I love this hobby (not all of it of course, hurhur). But for the most part, I loved bringing my characters to life and the challenges it brought to make them look right. What I'm trying to say, I'm going to step back from this hobby. Yes, it is said but I wont' be gone forever. I'll be poking my head here and there in the hobby. But for now, I'm going to let a number of dolls go away even if I really love them so. I want them to be cared where they can be rather than collect dust. I'll be keeping a few myself (the ones that I treasure the most).

So for my closing words, thanks for enjoying my dolls everyone. Thank you for your support. I'll take a few pictures randomly of the remaining dolls I have when I feel like it.

If you are interested in rehoming any of the dolls listed below, please comment or note me! I have tons of accessories (clothes, eyes, wigs, etc.) to get rid of as well. I have to go through them first. >_<;


For clothing/wig/eyes/accessories - Pictures are coming soon.
I'll just be posting company links or some old photos I have for them.


Full Dolls
Illusion Spirit Ardi (Male) (Tan)
Illusion Spirit Lin Xi (Female) (Grey)

Iplehouse Luna (Nocturcana Circus Edition) (Grey)
-No Chimera Parts
-No Face-Up
-Highheel Feet
-2 Leekeworld Wigs (NaturalBlack)
-Two Pairs of Anita_N Outfits
-Lingerie Outfit (what you see in pictures minus garter)
-Iplehouse Leggings (Black)
-Three Pairs of Sexy Stomper Shoes
-Box and Papers

SOOM Eliv (WS - the messed-up yellow white skin batch)
-Human and Fantasy Parts
-Eyes, Wig, and Dress (what you see in pictures)
-Chipped Face-up and Blushing
-Box and Papers

-Limited Head with Limited Face-Up
-LUTS DELF Body Type 2 (Different Body/Matches Well)
-3 Sets of Hands
-Optional Donut
-Eyes and Wig (what you see in pictures) and Possibly Random Outfit

Fairyland MNF Juri 2008 (WS)
-No Face-Up
-Yellowed and Mellowed Out
-A-Line Large Bust and Cutie Legs
-4 Pairs of Hands (I think 4?)
-Random Eyes

Customhouse Kit - The Ai Hyun (NS)
-No Face-Up
-New String
-Some pieces kinda unfinished

Dollzone Dragon Boy (WS)
-Need to find Paper?
-Pillow not included


Fairyland Scarface Shiwoo (WS)
Fairyland MNF Juri 2010 (WS)
Ariadoll Sleeping Van (NS)
Withdoll Open-Eyed Juwel (Tan)
Kawainino Momo (NS)*

Napidoll Marcel (NS)


Leekeworld Bunny Parts (WS)
-Painted from Previous Owner (can remove)

SOOM Teenie Gem Closed Hands (WS)


9-10 Crobidoll CRWL-33 (Sky Blue) - $25 - Slightly Used
Company Link:…
My Picture:…

9-10 SOOM Limited Cass Wig - $30 - NEW
Company Link:…
My Picture:……

9-10 Leekeworld  L-124 (Cafe Mocha) - $25 - Slightly Used
Company Link: No Longer There - Limited Style
My Picture:……

9-10 Happy Camille E62 K10/K37 (White/Lavender) - $20 - NEW
Company Link: No Link
My Picture:……

8-9 CL FUR Fire Wig - $10 - NEW
Company Link: No Link
My Picture:……

7-8 Happy Camille E16 K10/K6 (White/Sandy Brown) - $20 - NEW
Company Link: No Link

7-8 Happy Camille E16 K10/K71 (White/Prince Brown) - $20 - NEW
Company Link: No Link
My Picture:……

7-8 Leekeworld W-069 (Pink Cocktail) - $27 - NEW
Company Link:…
My Picture: Nada

7-8 Leekeworld W-124 (Pink Cocktail) - $27 - NEW
Company Link:…
My Picture: Nada

6-7 Leekeworld W-048 (WhisperBlue/SnowWhite) - $27 - NEW
Company Link:…
My Picture: Nada

6-7 nDoll - $27 YW-325 (Cream Brown) - $26 - NEW
Company Link:…
My Picture:……





ATsuri - Souldoll Double Girl Dress - $40 - BARELY USED
My Picture:……

SD - Buckle Skinny Pants (Washing Blue) - $20 - NEW
Company Link:…


SD Boy Sneakers - $10ea - Slightly Used
My Picture:…

MSD Girl Shoes - $10ea - Slightly Used & NEW
My Picture:…

MSD Girl Boots - $20ea - NEW
My Picture:…

YO-SD Boots - $19ea - NEW
My Picture:…
-I have a pair of white ones too in the same style. I need to find them.


*I might want to keep.

So this is it for now, I'll update more as I rummage through things. :>

Shia ♥


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shia, please reply to my messages ;A;
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finally replied. ; A;
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You're webcam. I LOVE IT. :heart:
shia-mis Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011
Hahaha. Thanks. 8D IT"S SO FABULOUS! >W<
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YEAH IT IS xD My friend just got me to watch Gintama and I was like OMG. :heart: xD
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