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Bon Anniversaire - for Ajax098

'bon anniversaire' is 'happy birthday' in French! ^.^
I mean... HAPPY *belated* BIRTHDAY!!!
I couldn't make it in time, I'm very sorry... ;_; I hope you like Sammy! She's there just for ya! :heart:
First I wanted to do some fanart but I screw up all your chars so I let it be... Since you said you like SamRin I drew her for you! =)
It was hard to colour since I did the lineart the traditional way *with ma hands X3* And I had to use multiply layers fer colouring... That's also why there's no real bg! *sooooooo sorry!*sobs~*
I'm happy with how it turned out after all! ^^
:hug: whee~! You're really already 16!!! *_*
Chara 'SamRin' + Artwork (c) Shia-chan
done in Photoshop 7.0, lineart with an ink pen (7,0 mm) <- it's a German one *g*
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© 2004 - 2021 Shia-chan
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Nice pics and the design is great too.
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Thank you! *___* :heart:
Forsaken-SakuraAngel's avatar
awww she's soooo cute ^.^
Fo-Shi's avatar
:w00t: My big bro is turning 16 *yay*

I'm sure he will love this piccy *he is having a party*

:hug: SamRin is so kewt!!!
Shia-chan's avatar
^.^ 16... I'm 15 for now and still have some time till I turn 16 ^^ <- is satisfied with her age
Already thought of some piccy for YOUR b-day? :heart:
Kairi315's avatar
awwwwwwwww she is sooooo cute^^
bunnyfriend's avatar
I ABSOLUTELY love her sandals :heart: Can I have them for a while? Of course, with Sammy wearing them, please :D
Shia-chan's avatar
uh... But not for long! *my Sammyyyyyy!!!* X3 You may have her fer today, but I need her during the week since I can't survive school without her! :heart: Also I need her fer lending me the sandals~ ^.^
Hope ya have a nice day today! =)
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Well... It was precisely what I was asking for: a whole day with Sammy, and her cute sandals :heart:
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OMG, this is so cute! I love the way you drew the flowers behind her back, and the cloths. And the little band-aid! :+fav: for sure.
Shia-chan's avatar
Thanks sooo much! ^___^ I'm very happy you like it! :heart:
DeCarla's avatar
she looks so cute with the flowers in her hand and the band-aid on the knee was a nice touch
Shia-chan's avatar
Arigatou! SamRin is some kinda tomboyish girl~ Maybe you figured out? ^.^
Shia-chan's avatar
Thanks! :heart: oh! What a cute icon!!! >.</
Shinobu-San's avatar
Youre welcome and thank you ^_____^ :cuddle:
sunnySunserai0's avatar
Waahhh ;_________________________;
Wie süß!!*o*
soo schön!!*dröp*beneid+ XDDD;;;;~
duuu saddiiiiiii??? XD
machst dud es Bild füa michg jetzet als D-HG?._.
Und ähm gugg mal auf Mexx bei Yoiko der Neue WB, da bin ich mit Jury da kannst du auch mitmachn würd mich freun!!^__^
baba X3
Shia-chan's avatar
Schick mir mal per ENS auf mexx nen Link zum WB! ^.^ *wär nett*meep!*
Wenn ich Zeit hab, mach ich dir deinen Hintergrund, okay? Bin nur im Moment im Stress mit Hausaufgaben *sniff*Schule tret* <.<"
*reknuff* =3
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Aww that's so cute! Great job!! Love the coloring :)
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Thank you very much! :aww: I'm glad you like it!
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