Panty and Stocking group!! (problem)

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THIS DATE IS ACTUALLY PROBLEMATIC FOR ME. ;w; I will be in Alaska on the 10th.

What it is?

:bulletpink:A Cosplay Photoshoot -- We're gathering to have a good time in cosplay and take pictures!
:bulletblue:The Theme -- is "Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt"!!

Who's cosplaying what?

:bulletgreen: I want as many characters as possible! But since the list is basically as full as it is now, I don't mind if there are doubles at this point. <3 (You don't have to cosplay to come !!)
The first group is what I really want to be in the group. The others are extras, but would be lovely to have! 8D

PANTY :: :iconreistar17:
STOCKING :: :iconpunkrockpanic:
BRIEF :: Pocky-hime (?) & shi-ken
CHUCK :: (I don't mind gijinkas!)
SCANTY :: :iconkazuholic:
KNEESOCKS :: :iconnichichan:
FASTNER :: (same as Chuck!)

Volunteer yourself for photographing! Even if you're cosplaying, you can take pictures too!

When, Where, etc.

:bulletyellow:When :: Because previous date is problematic, I will move it up to June 25th. So that it does not conflict with Kintoki Con
And we'll meet at 12pm, noon.
(I know it's not the best time to shoot, but this is the soonest everyone here in Yuba City can get there since most of you live near the bay area XD;)

:bulletorange:Where :: Japan town, San Francisco. We're gonna meet in the courtyard in front of the Kintetsu Mall.

:bulletred:Etc. :: Bring money for food if you get hungry, as there will be plenty of places to eat in the mall. Otherwise bring your own food. We're going to be there all day until we decide to leave, so please don't starve yourself.

Join in!

:bulletwhite:Just comment if you wanna volunteer for photography or cosplaying!

Otherwise you can contact me by sending me a note, or email --

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Um, turns out I can't come D: Because I'm house-sitting, mom can't drive me, dad can't drive me, brother can't drive me, and I can't drive. Maybe I'll be able to come to the next cosplay photoshoot you plan.
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OAO;; I might be able to be maleStocking. dunno if I can attend though >w>;;
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DUDE!! male Stocking would be awesome!!! You should totally try to come! <3
Renn-kun's avatar
I will ;A;... bug me about it and there MIGHT be a chance... XD
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So if you're in Alaska on the tenth, you'll push the day to later in June?
And it would be best for me if it wasn't sometime between June 19th to the 25th. As long as it's not those days, we're good. And the 18th is kinda pushing it, but that day should be fine. And please don't schedule it for a Sunday either. I've got church on Sunday. >w<
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Ok, and you talked to me about this on msn... I will try to figure out a good date since this one conflicts with your and Kazu's plans. D8 And the other details are noted!!!
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I don't know if I'd be able to make it there on the 25th. It depends if the people i'm watching a house for return that day or not, or if I find someone to take the responsibility for that day. D:
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okey dokey~! Thanks Mika!
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Yes! I made a post on tumblr about it!
since I don't feel like explaining it again XD
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well it's something cool to do
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AWWW YEAHHH~! I hope you guys are ok with painting yourselves red!! O.O
KAZUHOLIC's avatar
Oh noez! D8 I don't think I'll be back from China then!
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Oh no!!! D8 It seems like everyone else has an issue with this date too... When do you think you'll be back? I'll push the date as far as anyone needs it!
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I'll be back from China on the 27, then July 1-4 is AX. . . maybe sometime in July? August is our Advent Children shoot ;;
KAZUHOLIC's avatar
looking forward to it >8D;
TheSapphireDragon1's avatar
*flails* Yay a (kinda?) set date for it! Imma see if I can get my Black/Stocking crossover cosplay done before then. I'll still be taking pictures >w< I'm going to go write this on the calendar~ *gets out a bright colored pen to write with*
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I hope so too!!!! OMG!!! 8DDD Stockinggg!!! <3
TheSapphireDragon1's avatar
8D Yus, and Black as in Black from Pokemon and as in this: [link]
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that comic = <3
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Awesome! can't wait to see pictures!!
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<3333 I can't wait either! uwahhh!!
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