Fanime roomies: WE'RE SET! (also martin wat....)

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We are staying at the Hilton!

Anyway! You must be wondering where we're staying, right?
Follow my twitter for updates >>> kuro_mazu
Or tumblr since I live on there and I will always answer questions >>> k4rkl3s

Now would be a good time to get your money together guys!
Price: Just send me $40 on paypal or mail it to me as a check/money order!
I will reimburse you for $10 at the con Kazu! ;w;

I'll need it a week before Fanime at the latest! ;D

:bulletpink:Here's my paypal: (make sure to send it through the "personal" option)
:bulletred:Note me for my address if you're mailing it to me. <3

Your Roommates

:iconshi-ken: myself -- HAS PAID
:iconnichichan: Nichi -- HAS PAID
:iconkotuea: Sandy -- HAS PAID
:iconrevogeist: Johnny -- HAS PAID
:iconxfoxtails: Martin -- ........I don't even know where it is? <_< plz don't say you'll pay me at the con
:iconb0wtieman: Cassie -- HAS PAID
:iconkazuholic: Kazu -- HAS PAID
:iconcrazypopkandyz: Silver -- HAS PAID
:iconrenn-kun: Renn -- HAS PAID
:iconkai-chama: Chitose -- processing

Sleeping Arrangements

It's gonna be 2-3 people to a bed,
2-3 people to a blow up mattress.
There are 2 beds and 2 blow up mattresses.
We can rotate who sleeps on what if need be. Just say so and it's all good.

RUUURUUUZZZZ (rules XD) and other stuff

:bulletorange:Just keep it clean. I don't want the hotel getting mad at me and charging me for damages. D8 So just keep everything on a table, in drawers, in a corner, in the closet, or in your bag pleaseee <3
:bulletyellow:I suggest bringing your own towels because there won't be enough for everyone. Hotel service should replace the ones they provide everyday though in case you can't bring one!
:bulletorange:We don't mind if you bring food! In fact, I would encourage it! It'll be like lunchtime in elementary; "Hey, I'll trade a pudding for half that sandwich!" Sharing is caring! LOL
:bulletyellow:b0wtieman (???) is going to bring a blow up mattress for the guys. And I will bring one as well.
:bulletorange:Oh, and about the hotel service, don't put the "do not disturb" sign on the door. We NEED that to get new towels/bedsheets everyday. D8
:bulletyellow:Check in time is @ ~3:00pm on Friday! So just check in with us around then so we can get everyone unloaded! Unless we can check in sooner! <3

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Any problems with that? :)
shi-ken's avatar
LMFAO No, not really XD; You can sleep anywhere you feel like crashing, I guess 8D
Renn-kun's avatar
orz my paypal got limited so can i give you the money next time i come over? >3<
shi-ken's avatar
Oh yeah, sure! 8D That's fine! That's perfect actually! XD I'll be able to deposit it right away then...
Renn-kun's avatar
Awesome 8) Now when should I come over? ;w;... I wanna come over sooooon~ >3<~~

Ah, can I note you my msn mail thingy? :'D
shi-ken's avatar
I hope you do come over soon! 8D /huggle
Yessss do eet!!! 8D
Renn-kun's avatar
I HOPE I WILL 8l I'm free every weekend cuz I'm just a freak like that.

it has been sent mah onee-sama ;D
KAZUHOLIC's avatar
Scanty voice: "RRRRRUUUUURUUUUUZ" (cept I can't roll my Rs for my life. . . HURP)
shi-ken's avatar
PFFFFT We can always pretend!! <3 LMAO I can like... stand behind you and roll my rrrrr XDDD
NichiChan's avatar
<333333333333 8D ill send you monies when i get some....some how 8D
shi-ken's avatar
OK! <3<3<3 take your time!! Just get it to me when you can /huggle
olivia8383's avatar
cool! hope you guys have tons-o-fun!
shi-ken's avatar
Yesh!! <3 We totally will! Are you not going? O^O
olivia8383's avatar
nope, can't go to other cons besides SacAnime right now : P plus Fanime is expensive and far away o-o
shi-ken's avatar
Awww! o^o I'm sorry! I hope you can go in the future too!
olivia8383's avatar
Oh I will, definitely o-o it has now become my life's goal to go to a fanime
RevoGeist's avatar
Alright sounds all good to me=3=b I'll send you the money asap~ AND THANKS FOR THE AIR MATTRESS@A@
shi-ken's avatar
You're welcome~! <3 I'll make sure we take good care of you! >u<
KAZUHOLIC's avatar
Have fun sleeping with Martin 8D; *shot*
KAZUHOLIC's avatar
RevoGeist's avatar
Too much B-love, huh?:1
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