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Usagi High base thing

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Just look up the name at the top if you wanna find the person who did this base... since I lost the link. :3


Left to right:
Ryou, Satoshi, Mr. Proper Tea, Billie, Aysu, Shouta, Tanya, Monica, Makoto

These are all the "main" characters of the story. I thought the base was very fitting of their characters so I did that over the past couple days. (IT TOOK FOREVER TO DO THEIR SCHOOL UNIFORMS D8<)
I originally had given up on it since I'm NO GOOD at bases anymore since I can't stand the way pixels look when I draw them. XD So I just did it with normal inking on SAI and I think it looks good now. LOL

All characters belong to me and Rei.
Base by KJBases

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VERY CUTE! My favorites are Ryou and Billie.
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Shuuuuuun ;w;
I don't see Shun!! TTATT
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Yeahhhh I sowwy. We remembered he was the other main character like RIGHT after I posted it. >u> But he's gonna get his own character sheet when I start doing those for them! 8D
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aw, it's so cute! I like Mr. Proper Tea. >w< If you say his name quickly it sounds like "Mr. Property" XD
Ryou and Satoshi are so cute~ Same with Shouta~

I need to look into SAI. I heard you can get a free trial? But I'd want to keep it forever if it's good. But I don't have the money. D:
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OMG YOU GOT THE PUN ABOUT HIS NAME!!! *attaches self to you* 8DDD I love you! :iconiloveyouplz:

And yeah! There's a free version of it somewhere on the internet I think... It's in Japanese though, but I figured out what all the things are after getting the english free trial. Ummm... if you can't find the free trial one (I've heard from others that the file was corrupted) then I'd recommend torrenting it! <3
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*is attached too* lol I was wondering if you did that on purpose or not. XD I feel smart~

Awesome, I'll have to go look into that. ^^
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very very cute picture!
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thanksyouuuu~ <3
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you know you deserve it!
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Rabbit High?

I kinda wish that you did draw them all though, it would have been cool.
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Yup! 83 It's the school mascot! (The principal is strange XD)

Yeah... XD I do bases sometimes when I need inspiration. ;u;
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