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This meme will make P.T. cry

By shi-ken
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I totally forgot to submit this last week! LOL

Anyway, here's a meme starring Mr. Proper Tea! (You may remember him from this picture) I slowly got lazier throughout the whole thing... you can probably tell by the ending in where I opted to make fancy text XD

I was doing a couple experiments with SAI and coloring techniques. 83 I think I found a good new way to ink and color.

I did this whole thing on livestream. Sorry if you missed it. xD I don't think I'm that interesting anyway.

LOOK PT IS A CREPE!!!! :iconohohoplz:

Proper Tea is mine.
And all the other Usagi High characters @ me and *Kairi-Rose (Except Skull kid)

Legend of Zelda @ Nintendo
Sailor Moon @ Naoko Takeuchi
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This is adorable and hilarious :D
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Owgooooooood os very hilarious XD
Poor guy ^o^
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LOLOL I want to eat crepe P.T. He looks delish~
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Yessss 8D he does~! *is proud to make delicious looking food*
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You should draw more of your characters as delicious looking food~
(and Mukuro in his apron~)
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WOH WOH, no more blond? D8
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LOL I love how that was the thing you noticed most! XD
But yeah... I used a box of dye that's been sitting in the bathroom forever D8 cuz I wanted to even out my hair. >< (plus Azula cosplay~ 8D)
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Omg yaaayy 8D I WANA SEE PICS
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this is amazing like always
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