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Congrats :iconloopy22: and :iconsveninmotion: I'll draw your characters tomorrow afternoon on a livestream!

I have school in the morning so I have to get to bed early but the livestream will be tomorrow at like 3pm Mountain time
Tell me the best joke here and I'll pick two people to draw on a YouTube stream today.  


please only do one joke joke and don't spam 

Please avoid trump or dead baby jokes 

everything else is fair game.

doki doki or Logan Paul memes are also accepted. 

Please do not say "me life is a joke" it's kinda tired out. 

Good luck! 


ill choose two two of the best jokes/memes on here 
People asked for a Q&A for a 900k video so ask away!

anyone want to join? ask on youtube plx
I'll be doing full body commissions. If you want one let me know. They are only 500pt!

1. :iconbumfteeny: DONE
2. :iconghostfacenikol: DONE
3. :iconmochiimisu:

Check out my patreon I'll be posting some spoilers later tonight on there 

I'll be using it for future story time videos n such
I feel kinda bad. Ever since I started using twitter more I've abandoned my deciantart page. I feel like I'm abandoning you guys... i appreciate you guys so much tho <3 those long simple animated videos take quite a bit out of me. It was nice to sit down and draw a single picture again with my latest upload so hopefully I can do more in the future. I'll try harder to respond here as well. 
Do you guys want me to finish it once and for all or just leave it in the past xD
OK I can't take anymore OC's the picture is closed.
so for the beach collab I only have room for like 15 more but your character will be in the water so no chairs just a pose doing something in the water please like standing or splashing
Many might not remember but long ago I used to collabs with my fans where you draw your character in a certain situation and I put them all in one photo. I'd like to that once again so if you want to join here are the rules:

1. Draw your OC in a summertime outfit/attire
2. send me you oc only with TRANSPARENT background and I'll add it in a pic
3. If you draw on paper I'll add it by cropping out the background and it has to be colored or else i wont add it
4. I wont put in sloppily drawn characters. Do your best!
5. Tag me in the description like this --> :icon shgurr: (with no spaces)

I dont know why but people wanted it to be a shirt so here you go…
me and CB will be live streaming at 9am

I'm going to choose 3 OC's to do free drawings of so If you want a free drawing put it on this thread or go on my twitter
I woke up feeling aweful and cb hasn't responded so the livestream will be pushed back sorry 
I don't think squad 9 will make sense if they aren't animals I just get annoyed at being called a furry sometimes. It's just annoying.

I hate how people put down others for drawing animals????

I'm putting too much worth in the comments of others. 
as a response to my latest video on youtube I don't think I can go further with squad 9's characters being animals. I hate being called a furry. I want to make the story I had planned but I might change the characters to humans. 
I haven't uploaded videos because I'm in a class that uses a 3D effects program that crashes my pen pressure. I usually spend whole days rendering projects and it's finally all over on Wednesday.

i'm starting a new 8 week semester next week so please when I upload art please please give me CRITICISM. 

Stuff like proportions or posture or like energy. 

Please I'm taking two 2D classes and a 3D class so any input is helpful. 

I'll finally have the time once classes start to make at least one story time video so look forward to it. ^^