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doodles #2
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Are the people in the comments ok
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Yay! Eddsworld 
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I think I forgot to tell you how cute I think this is. :huggle:
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im ognna fucking beat my dick so hard to this u have no idea
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I love your art, didn't know you were on deviant art -w-
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daba dee daba die
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what is happening in your comment section shgurr
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I feel like you know tfm and do jaiden animations from youtube
I subbed
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She's just a clone of jaden animation.
Jezz and you that doki doki fan boy.

(I'm sorry, I'm truly a sad person inside)
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Jaiden 👏 Animations 👏 is 👏 not 👏 the 👏 only 👏 animator 👏 that 👏 make 👏 storytimes 👏
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How exactly is she a clone?
Also, she's a woman so fanboy is incorrect. (what's wrong with liking it anyway?)
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It looks like it's a joke
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Do you like or something?

Oh, and your name inappropriate please change it.
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I can't change my name I have no clue how my sister made it for me because I couldn't think of one and now I can't change it pleasehelpmeomg I'm so embarrassed
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1. she cant unless she has core
2. OmG yOuRs HaS fRiCk In It PlS cHaNgE, tHiS a ChRiStIaN wEbSiTe, ThAt Is TrUlY iNnApPrOpRiAtE nVm 'AF'
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You can't change the name unless you have core...
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i dont know why but i am laughing XD she is cute XD 
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I just noticed your profile pic. *Nice Choice*
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