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I just watched the two finale episodes of Modern Family, followed by the movies 'The Heat' and 'Pitch Perfect', and though I love all of these I have never been sadder. Haley x Andy will never be (except maybe in season 6), Lily how the hell did you get stuck on a clothes rack, Gloria you have inspired a new OC of mine. The movies, well, they may be comedies, but I love them so much (wish I had them on DVD) and yet they still make me sad after. Maybe cause they're over (PP2 though ^^) and maybe cause it's the summer holidays and yet I spend all my time on a computer/TV/a book/drawing because my family and I aren't leaving yet. I don't even get to see my friends. Also I'm really lazy and forgot to brush my hair so I look like a cloud. A cloud with headphones and a pen. And a book and a face full of sadness.

That was kind of a rant, but a sadness rant. An SR.
Comment if you love MF, TH or PP. I apologise for abbreviations, I can't be bothered typing them again.
Also comment if you want to see 'Tammy' :D 

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July 10, 2014


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