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:bulletgreen: Misui's POV :bulletgreen:
I looked up, surprised, as Afrika stalked into my den. "Yeah?" I asked.
"Sorry," she said.
"Sorry for the way I treated you. We should be friends."
"Okay," I smiled.
I rubbed my cheek on Afrika's and Afrika sighed.

:bulletblue: Afrika's POV :bulletblue:
I sighed as Misui rubbed his cheek on mine. Eventually he started to rub his back leg against the side of my bum. I stiffened, my hackles raising, but after a while they flattened, and I relaxed. It was kind of calming. His back legs rose over my bum after a while, the rest of his body over my back, and I let out a low growl as if to say, you're treading on thin ice, buddy. But he licked my head rhythmically, soothingly, and I relaxed again. When he was fully mounted, he slowly, almost painfully slowly, began to impregnate me.

:bulletgreen: Misui's POV :bulletgreen:
White-hot ricochets of pleasure zinged around my body as we mated. I never, never, thought this would happen, but here I was, and it was happening. It was better than I'd imagined. Her soft fur was relaxing as I thrusted forward and back in the illuminating sunset. Her purrs and groans of pleasure were like music to my ears.

:bulletblue: Afrika's POV :bulletblue:
I groaned in ecstatic pleasantry as I felt Misui's hard pushes in my back end. 
"Ohh," I moaned as he did an extra-hard one. 
Sneak preview is no longer previewed!
Part 3 :iconheplz:
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April 28, 2013
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