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Pokemon Crossing App: Riley the Zorua by shewolfzoroark Pokemon Crossing App: Riley the Zorua by shewolfzoroark
My PC App Riley. I worked really hard on this and I hope you like it.

Name: Riley
Nickname: Mystique
Age: 13
Birthday: Oct 16.
Gender: Female
Nature: Jolly/Quirky/Sassy
Pokemon/Human: Zorua
Hometown: Crystalsea Town (A town built entirely on water - Riley lives behind the waterfall)

History: She was born behind the waterfall in Crystalsea Town a shiny Zorua. She was popular, and had loads of fun painting, drawing, writing and reading. At night, she sat in the jungle of a garden she had created, listening to the trickle of the waterfall that flowed into the garden (everything was suspended on planks in the water, like a town on a sea. It had a fountain in front of the waterfall with a Keldeo statue on it, and a hut with Riley\'s painting of Wailmer and Wailord, and lights at the side of the planks leading to the ivory swing Riley sits on in the homemade jungle with exotic and local fruits and flowers.) and stargazed. She had a particular fascination with stars and the moon, and she had a silver full moon (with a rainbow coloured star infused in it) on her neck. She was born into a big family, with 19 sisters and 27 brothers, most Zoruas or Zoroarks, with some Riolus and Lucarios, as her parents were a female Shiny Zoroark and a white Lucario. So Riley is quite good at fighting, and for some reason she has psychic powers. She was always very stylish, but she was always very adventurous, and her small but powerfully built body made her faster and stronger than most of her family and friends. At twelve she accidentally knocked down a Chesto berry plant and got the blue fur at the top of her head stained with violet highlights, but everybody thinks it looks distinctive and pretty, so she keeps it in. Then she was called to the human Professor Cherry, and earned a Pokedex, and a small white butterfly with powers as her assistant with learning about the entire world. So she went to her house, packed a bag with an extension charm cast on it, and announced she was going on a journey. The family went on a special dinner and she left soon after. She has been to many places, like Aspertia City and Floccesy Town, and has even competed in the Pokemon World Tournament. She writes or texts to her family about her adventures.
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October 14, 2012
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