Phantom Lord Pt. 1

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The Death of Mankind.
The Chooser of the Fallen.
The Reaper of Souls.

I stepped out of the cave into the morning air. The dawn light seeped through the Ring of Mountains, flickering and dancing as my head rose and fell, blocking the sun. Clangs rang out as my claws scraped my treasure underfoot, loud in the crisp silence. I yawned, still tired. My eyes closed slightly and my foot cracked the Earth. I roared and the Earth shook. My tail slashed against the rock walls of the cave, crumbling it to dust. I levelled my tail with the largest mountain in the world. I snorted in contempt at the puny mountain. A single scale alone was ten times larger.I stretched my neck, and found my head overlooking the USA. My head wasn't as big as the USA and Canada together, but a few feet out.

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My new book. I have sold a few copies, but they're just notebooks filled with the story sold for £3.
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