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Mei x Summer by shewolfzoroark Mei x Summer by shewolfzoroark
Picture based on the girls in the story. The story and picture are mine, so NO stealing.

"In a single fluent movement the tall Spanish girl tied her long blonde hair into a ponytail as she left her job at the cafe. In an hour's time she would have to head over to the bar she worked at, but for now she had some time to relax at the academy. Humming a piece of classical music that had been playing in the cafe to herself she tried not to stare at the pretty Asian girl walking on her hands. Gravity was tugging her shirt down, revealing a smooth, tan stomach and just the very top of her hip bone and causing the material to gather just under her breasts. Deep emerald eyes roamed over the smooth skin, pass the folds of shirt around her chest and followed the lines of the girl's collarbones to her shoulders then her neck and her pretty face. Oh, she was very pretty and just her type. Slim, obviously strong, with just enough chest to look girly.

Mei hummed as she walked out of the academy on her hands; she crossed her ankles and paused to push her long braid out of her way before continuing.

Looking away quickly to avoid being called out as a pervert Summer walked into the school, taking off her short white apron as she walked. With her eyes on the ground and a delicate blush spreading over her cheeks she wondered if that girl attended the school or if she had just come for the auditions.

Mei stopped hand walking and dropped her feet lightly to the ground, her exposed stomach to the sun. She smiled to herself as she pushed herself up into a standing position letting her short dress fall back into place.

For the first time since 7 the evening previously Summer was in her dorm. The first thing she did once she stepped over the threshold was to throw her apron at her small bag of stuff and collapse on the bed, too exhausted from a long day and night working to even think about changing. Closing her pale eyes she thought about the Asian girl. Ah, she was so pretty. That blush from before tinted her cheeks red again. Hopefully she did attend the school, though even if she did she probably wasn't open for the kind of relationship Summer wanted.

Mei hummed, obviously oblivious to everything and everyone around her and released her long, silky black hair from its braid. Humming to herself she made her way back into the academy, straightening out her dress and swinging her arms slightly.

Then again, what if she was into same sex relationships? That would be interesting, but Summer would probably never know. A deep sigh escape her pastel coloured lips. If only she had stopped for a moment to talk to the Asian girl and get to know her better instead of running off like a High School girl confronted by her all time crush. Then she would know if her personality was as much her type as her looks and if it was worth her time to get to know her better so she could perhaps take things further. But now she would never know. Another sigh escaped those thin lips. Maybe if she hoped the universe would give her another chance of becoming friends with that beautiful Asian girl.

Mei kept humming, some sort of old Chinese song, the exact name lost throughout the ages as she walked to her dorm, she'd written the number on her palm but after her spur-of-the-moment hand-walking it had smudged so now she relied on her memory to get there. Now, Mei's memory was not bad as she was after all Asian, and living up to the stereotype of being extremely smart, she had studied in the top schools of Beijing and passed quite well but she had a small attention span and tended to forget about things that didn't interest her or that she didn't care about. Her dorm number, unfortunately, was one of those things.

Mei paused for a moment in her epic quest to find her dorm to lean against the wall and attempt to remember. She tapped one of her short, gold painted nails against her chin and narrowed her eyes slightly, a little dimple forming between her eyebrows in concentration, it had a little pattern she was sure of that, like a recurring number or an incline in the numbers but she just couldn't remember. She sighed softly and closed her eyes, trying to picture the door, its number and its surrounding area. Nothing, only a plain door and a blank wall.

The Spanish girl wondered why the universe hated her. It kept making her perfect girl walk into her path and then diverting her so she walked away from what could possibly be her girlfriend or at the very least friend. She just wanted to have a chance to at least talk to one of those girls -especially the pretty Asian she has seen only a few minutes ago- but no, fate was no fair.

Mei smiled as realisation suddenly dawned upon her. She giggled and tossed her hair over her shoulder in an incredibly girly fashion before retrieving the little slip of paper she'd hidden in her bra that had her room number on it. How could she be so silly? She'd specifically requested her room number to be written down, knowing she'd forget.

There was no point in obsessing of that anymore and Summer knew it, so the tanned girl stretched her arms and sat up. She better get ready for classes.

Mei giggled again and skipped to her room, finding it easily now she knew the number. 'I wonder who my roommate is?' she mused quietly, opened the door and looking in "Hello..?"

Half asleep Summer stood up and pulled her shirt off, not noticing that the door had opened and the same girl she had been thinking about was looking into the room. It was only when she heard the quietly spoken 'Hello' that she jumped and looked over her shoulder at the door. A blush spread over her cheeks. "Oh...uh...hello."

Mei tilted her head to the side, a soft rose staining her cheeks "Did I come at a bad time?" she asked tucking some hair behind her ear. "I can leave if you wish."

Quickly pulling a shirt on the gold skinned girl turned to her apparent roommate. It seemed fate was being kind for once and had allowed her a second chance to talk to the pretty Asian. That blush darkened on her skin as she thought of that. "No, it is fine. Come inside and make yourself comfortable, da?" she asked, her utter awkwardness because of the situation making her pose that as a question.

Mei smiled and walking into the room, a slight bounce in her step as she closed the door behind her and made her way over to her bed. She sat down on the very edge and crossed her ankles, "My name is Wang Mei, it's nice to meet you!''

With her eyes on anything but the other girl Summer nodded a little. “Summer Warz," she said.

Mei nodded and swung her feet, still smiling happily. "You have a pretty name."

A pale rose blush spread over Summer’s cheeks at Mei's thoughts on her name. "N-not really...It's not as pretty as yours."

"Mine is common and boring." Mei kept swinging her feet.

"But it’s beautiful. Mei...such a pretty name," Summer said, turning to look at her as she did. "You're pretty too...." she murmured.

Mei blushed and looked away "..Xièxiè."

Summer’s blush darkened and she turned away to hide her red face. "U-uh...where are you from?"

Mei tilted her head "I lived in Beijing my whole life and moved here a couple of years ago."

"Ah...Is it nice there?" Summer asked, actually interested in where the girl had grown up. Despite having visited many places in her childhood and while she was making a life for herself she had never been to anywhere in Oriental Asia.

Mei nodded, smiling again "It's a very pretty place."

"Is it warm there?" Summer asked, looking at her with a slight smile.

"It can get nice and warm during spring and summer, but winter is pretty nasty,” Mei replied, smiling back. “Where did you come from? It must be warm.”

Summer’s blush deepened again. She was sure Mei knew Summer liked her by now. “Um, Spain,” she told her. “And it’s very warm.”

“Well if it’s Spain it must be!” Mei laughed.

Summer sighed inwardly but laughed anyway. Mei’s laugh was beautiful, just like her. “True!”

“Did you like it there? It must have been fun,” Mei said admiringly.

“Yes. There were lots of festivals and contests, as well as the monthly bull run,” Summer smiled, shocked but glad Mei seemed interested in her home country.

Mei watched Summer, hoping to find out more about this seemingly magical country.

“There are also beautiful scenes there, like the Mediterranean sea at sunset, and the forest of Bimarrel in autumn,” Summer went on happily, forgetting her nervousness.

“Wow,” Mei said in awe, “Do you have any pictures of those?”

Summer looked at Mei, with her high cheekbones and beautiful eyes, and wondered if Mei liked Summer the way Summer liked Mei. “Yes, I do,” Summer told her, “Would you like to see them?”

Mei nodded eagerly, tying back her hair in a simple ponytail.

Summer smiled, properly. “Okay,” she said, and got up from the bed, tugging her shirt down over her hips. “Come here,” she beckoned Mei over to the computer and inserted a USB stick.

Mei followed Summer happily, and watched the slideshow of pictures in awe. “Wow,” she breathed. “We didn’t have that kind of beauty in Beijing.”

Summer grinned. “Glad you like the pictures,” she smiled."
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