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This is about who would win in a fight between Jacob (in wolf form) from Twilight vs. Luca Sharpe (in her . . . many wolf forms) from my collection of races. I will be making this two parts, this is like the intro and Luca's ending. I'll be making Jacob's ending (where he wins) and Luca's alternate ending (where two special guests step into the light). You can also vote who you'd think would win by commenting :). Hope you enjoy this random thought of mine.

"You're going down," Jacob snarled.
"Whatever," Luca yawned, almost lazily shifting into her second tier form, skipping first tier completely. She stood up and growled, narrowing her eyes as her face lengthened and her body shifted and cracked. Jacob looked surprised for a second but quickly resumed his angry face as he leaped at her, changing into a wolf in mid-air. Luca, who'd sat by a tree at this point, kicked him away with the comment of, "Man, do you have any other way of changing? Leaping into your form is really boring. Try jumping out of a pile of Saberian Dire Wolves like the One."
Jacob groaned as he rolled over and up, stepping back into human form while doing so. 
"Not fair," he moaned. "Fight as a wolf, not freaking Bigfoot."
"Sure," Luca shrugged, as she morphed into her third tier - a stormy grey wolf about the size of a Land Rover. This time, Jacob really did look stunned, and not just because Luca actually looked like she was awake and going to move without complaining. She was apparently small in her third form. She let out a low growl as her slitted amber eyes narrowed. Jacob hurriedly stood and changed form. Luca was about three times his size, although she was very lazy. He could take her, probably. He went to attack her and leaped on her back. When he was about to bite into her neck, she raised herself up on her hind legs and threw herself backwards, crushing him underneath her. She moved fast for a furry truck. Jacob raked his claws down her spine and Luca cried out as blood stained her. She jumped up high and twisted in mid-air, turning to face him. She swung her paw at him, catching him full in the side and throwing him against a thick tree. She walked towards him, baring her teeth as she snarled. Jacob charged to her and sunk his claws deep into her neck. She roared in outrage and snapped at him, catching him in her jaws and tossing him about like a ragdoll. She threw him to the ground and laid her paw on his spine. She slowly pressed down, and he dragged himself forward as he whimpered in pain. Just as Luca's claws sank into the ground, he escaped, leaping high and landing on her muzzle. Just as he leaned in to sink his claws into her eyes, she threw her head up high and he flew into the air. Luca raised her paw and slammed him into the ground. She used her claws to pin him down and her jaws grasped Jacob's head. She pulled back at the same time she pressed down and parts flew everywhere - including two of Luca's claws. She howled in pain and once it had subsided reasonably, she did the best thing she could - she laid down and closed her eyes.
Don't worry about the Luca's Ending thing, this is still the intro too. This is also kind of short, but I'll make more, okay? :) The violence/gore thing is just a precaution, by the way. It's not that bad.
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July 27, 2014
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