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Heart Part 1 by shewolfzoroark

:bulletpurple: Evangeline's POV :bulletpurple:

I blinked rapidly to keep the tears back. I glared at Alexander.
"What are you doing here?" I asked angrily, momentarily forgetting he could fire me if he wanted. I expected him to yell at me, or something like that. But he did something completely different. He took my arm gently, and guided me out of the Rockery, and to a swinging bench under the cherry trees. I rocked softly, back and forth, rhythmically. 
"Are you okay?" Alexander asked. 
I nodded.
Alexander put his arm around me. I tried to shake it off, but he held on. 
"Get off!" I said.
His arm retracted slightly, but didn't leave my arm. 
"Hey. OFF." 
Alexander smiled. "Why?" 
"Because it's weird."
Alexander laughed, and his other hand touched my face, and he pulled me towards him. I pulled back, but he still didn't let go. 
"What's wrong with you?" I shouted, and ran off, my face red. He tried to follow me, but no luck. I ran up the hill at the other side of the grounds and climbed the tall pine there. I was hidden in the needles.

Part 1 of stories I'm writing, called Heart.

:bulletpurple: Evangeline - the tomboyish yet kind of girly maid.
:bulletblue: Alexander - the posh outgoing son of a lord.
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March 27, 2013
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