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Here's my commissions! :la:

:bulletblack: Pixel Icons

I'm now doing pixel icons! :aww: They'll go for 25 :points: and when you comment with the specifics you'd like.

Sun, Moon, Sky and Ocean Students Avatar Set by shewolfzoroark  Aphrodite Avatar by shewolfzoroark  Free Use Camera Avatar by shewolfzoroark  Eva Avatar by shewolfzoroark

I'll do a set of icons for 5 :points: extra per icon! :dummy: that's a great deal!

Animated stamps can be done for 50 :points:!
:bulletblue: Stamps

Stamps can be made any way you want, animated or not. Please provide pictures/drawings for me to use (or at least the links to them) if you want a drawing and give me specifics on background colors, borders, any text and its colors, how many parts you want if it's an animated stamp, how long of an animation you want and so on. :) It's a lot to process, so if you're having trouble don't hesitate to note me about it. Stamps will run about 3-10 :points: depending on what type it is.
I'd Love a Cloud Pet Stamp by shewolfzoroark 

:bulletgreen: Author Literature Tags

Again, anything you want. I don't think the tags can be animated, so let's just stick with the basics ;) Give me color, text color, any pictures you'd like, etc. I think 8-10 :points: is a good price for the tags.

:bulletyellow: Icons

Icons are always fun, right? I'll make them for groups or personal accounts, I'll make them animated or just plain cool. ;) Specifics, specifics… please give me details on what you want it to look like (refer to the stamps section since they're basically the same). Icons will go for 8-15 :points: depending on how you get it made. *I'm also working hard on pixel icons, though I'm not sure how they'll turn out yet... 

:bulletorange: Custom Box Backgrounds

Custom box backgrounds are used by premium members and I currently have the ones listed below purchasable for 10 :points: to use yourself!:la: I'll make custom ones for 10-15 :points:. Pixel or not, I don't mind.

:bulletred: Sprites

I've been attempting to sprite people, locations and creatures. They'll probably be around 10+ :points:, and possibly increase as I get better.

:bulletpurple: Short Stories

I will write any kind of short stories you want (except for anything that would need a mature content filter… sorry!). Just give me a plot/story line, the characters, and a basic idea of your theme. I will not write short stories for you to claim as your own or for you to enter into a contest as your own. Please know that this is basically for fun and for you to get a head-start on any book ideas you may have. I'd like to help you by making sort of a beginning for a book idea based on what you give me. :) Based on the length of the story, it will range from 10-50 :points:

Examples of my work:

Mature Content

  The Last - Part 1Tara dived down to avoid a bullet. Lying on the cold hard ground, she felt paralysed by fear. Blood pounded in her head; her heart felt as though it would burst. She didn’t understand war; it only brought sorrow. Snapping her head up, Tara flipped to avoid falling debris. Her arm got trapped under it and she cried out. Gritting her teeth and looking through the corner of her eye, Tara spotted someone limp towards a river, shortly before getting hit with a bullet and collapsing. Tara flinched, afraid. Another shot rang out. With that, Tara’s world went black as she realised something in those few, terrifying moments.
She had no one.
A few days later, Tara woke up. She wiped blood from her face quickly, staining her hand. She looked around, remembering nothing. She stood up and stepped through the rubble. The sun beat down on Tara’s shoulders, burning them red. Tara ran her fingers lightly over a wall. Where is everyone? Tara sat with a bump.
  Adventure Time - Part One:bulletblue:Finn's POV:bulletblue:
I walked with Jake through a thick forest. I didn't know the name of it, but it was the same one where my finger went to college and got beaten up by worms. I love the fact that I can say math stuff like that. I think we - meaning me and Jake - were going to see PB. She wanted us to test another sciency thing. Maybe another 'perfect sandwich'. Those are mathematical! 
:bulletyellow:Jake's POV:bulletyellow:
Me and Finn were going to the Candy Kingdom for some reason, and I had this weird feeling about it. I knew it wasn't good 'cause my gut told me it was bad.
"Hey Finn?" I asked. I wanted to see if he felt the same as me.
"Why does PB want us?"
"I don't know. I hope it's another perfect sandwich."
"Me too, but . . . I've got this bad feeling about it."
"What do you mean?"
"Maybe it's like, a trap or something."
"Come on, Jake. When has PB ever tried to trap us before?"
"Never, but my gut says bad news, dude."
"Maybe you ate some ba
  Dreamheart x Jayfeather - Part 1:bulletblue: Dreamheart's POV :bulletblue:
I heard a snap and looked up immediately. My ears twitched. I looked out of my den and saw Jayfeather walking in a circle in the middle of camp. I stood up slowly, not wanting to disturb my denmates, and stepped lightly into the cool night air. 
"Jayfeather?" I asked softly, in a whisper. "What are you doing?"
Jayfeather looked up suddenly. "Dreamheart?"
"Why are you awake?"
I laughed as quietly as I could. "You, silly. Why are you awake?"
Jayfeather laughed too. "Sorry. Couldn't sleep." He shrugged.
I smiled and walked up to him. "You'd better get some sleep."
Jayfeather nodded. "See you in the morning."
I quickly studied him. His pelt was a dark grey, striped with black markings. His eyes were a deep sky-blue. His tail flicked incessantly. "See you." 
As he left I could have sworn he purred.
:bulletgreen: Jayfeather's POV :bulletgreen:
I couldn't sleep, so I went out for some fresh air. Not for the first time, I
 :thumb361121177:  Winterspell Part 1Her dress sparkled in the dying light as she danced; the snow fell in colours and patterns that made the experience feel like a dream. The shadows fell over her until she stepped into the light. Her eyes were a magnificent sea-green, her hair a pale brown. Her skin was pale, too. Her dress was made of a material no one recognised - except her. The fabric itself was snow, woven finely, and the embroidery was made of ice crystals. The embroidery climbed up the dress, accentuating the aura of authority this woman possessed.
The Winterspell.

:bulletwhite: Traditional Art

I'll draw a picture of your OC, a scene, or anything (as long as it doesn't need a mature content filter). Just tell me if it's a portrait, a picture with background etc. These'll cost about 10+ :points:.

Mabel Pines by shewolfzoroark  Moonsong the Fox by shewolfzoroark  Pokemon Crossing App: Riley the Zorua by shewolfzoroark :thumb332746921:

I hope you'd like a commission!

      ~swf :heart:
Info about commissions here! If you'd like me to lower the price of something, or want a request/art trade, note me and I'll get back to you.

~swf :heart:
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3 or more points :)
ioanacamelia2000 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Okey :D
May I have a static stamp, just wondering :dummy:
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Sure :dummy:

What do you want on it?
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Could you like to put my OC [link] holding a :dummy: emote and the letters saying ”I want to be an emote, just like this on my hands”? :XD:
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