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Equine coat colors

:star:Download for full-view (and hopefully readable text). :XD:

:star: This color chart may be used outside of dA, under certain conditions:

:bulletgreen: Always send me a link to the page you intend to post the chart on.
:bulletgreen: Always give proper credit.
:bulletgreen: Always post the entire chart as a whole, please do not cut or edit in any way.

<EDIT>Added a minor update to the Roan info, thanks Phee!</EDIT>
<EDIT2>Added brief information about pangaré, flaxen and sooty.</EDIT2>
So, here's my *long* overdue color chart! :w00t: And sorry, I didn't include any leg and face markings (my Photoshop nearly died from layer overload *lol*), though I may decide to add those later. I also didn't include some colors/patterns, like Pearl/Barlink dilution, or color combinations (like Silver grullo tobiano and Dunskin for example). :D
Oh, and just to be safe: No, I have not forgotten to add Albino to the chart, as no albino gene is known to exist in horses!

I tried to write down the most important information for each color, but please remember there's still much I haven't included. I ment to keep things rather simple, but if there's a term you don't understand, either ask me, or do an internet search.

Oh, and I decided to add the Swedish names of the colors just for fun. Maybe you'll learn a new word today? ;)
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love this, thank you for a wonderful and easy to use chart

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That's really good work. Congratulation.
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This is so useful!!! Brilliant!!!
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Will this be available as a print?
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This is amazing thank you so much. 

I was wondering about Red Rose Grey? Example:…
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My wife and I were looking at the chart for horse coloring to figure out our Breyer horse and their colorings if they were correct or not. I have horse books with charts but the coloring seems to be off. So we looked up real horse and then found this chart and your coloring is the closest to the real thing as possible. What I'm wondering is how to get my hands on a hard copy chart of this printed so I have it off the computer. Also if you have a Face marking chart and leg marking one too?
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What an incredible resource! Thank you for sharing it with us! :)
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Lovely! I will be using in a powerpoint for personal reference. I may or may not end up using the powerpoint in a class, if I do.. I will let you know. There will be a list of sources at the end with this page linked. :) Thank You! (Will have to crop for powerpoint but intend on showing the whole image.. just in pieces so it can be read at full scale!!!)
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This is excellent!
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Thats the best colour chart I have ever seen! I love you!
Wormwoodworms's avatar
Let me love you for that :O This is truly amazing.
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this is a gorgeous reference <3

do you mind when I get my personal species up I could link this for a horse pattern reference? :)

(course I will give credit to you XD)
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What does it mean when a gene is lethal?

Great job btw!
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Probably kills the horse. Like Lethal Whites always die.
Melopsittacus's avatar
but... what's the cause? deceases, weakness?
BlondeBanana98's avatar
I'm not sure, it's just a morphed gene that makes the horses be under-developed at birth, that is if they aren't stillborn. Like most foals born with it don't have a proper digestive system and they die quickly. :P
Melopsittacus's avatar
oh okay. it's sad, poor foals :(
BlondeBanana98's avatar
Yeah, that's why you have to be careful when breeding :P
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Found at
Lethal White Overo (LWO) syndrome, also called overo lethal white syndrome (OLWS), occurs when a horse is homozygous (OO) for the frame overo gene.
It doesn't allow the intestinal system to develop properly.
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This is... AMAZING. I saw this, and my first thought was JACKPOT!!!

I will SO be using this for references. It's no wonder it has over 2500 favorites!!
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Wow, this is, well, lets just say I'm speachless.
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