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Ref PC: Purity

A reference sheet PC for :iconthekatemonzter: of her OC Purity.

I hope it looks okay :D And, if there's anything you want me to change, just ask :meow:

Thanks for commissioning me <3

Purity (c) *TheKateMonzter
Art (c) *SheWolfey

This is for *TheKateMonzter's use only!
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© 2013 - 2021 SheWolfey
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Dang she might rethink that cause the last thing you want to do is jump in a fight with my xeno he I always mad
Zepher87's avatar
hes very lovely. Do you do commishions? I might ask you do do a refsheet of Zepher if youed be willing. ^^
SheWolfey's avatar
I have a lot to do at the moment, but when I have less to do yeah :)
Zepher87's avatar
Well i dont have any money right now so its all good ^^
EldLynch-Tristan's avatar
Very unique and intriguing. :)
SheWolfey's avatar
Intrastele's avatar
aw man, i thought you got another OC :noes: lol! XD haha
great job :thumbsup:
You're getting better e_e (too much better...) haha :XD:
SheWolfey's avatar
Haha, nope xD I think 11 is enough for me (not that I ever really draw them much)

Really? Thanks xD
Intrastele's avatar
haha xD i have too many (i'm removing some when i get back online later e_e)

yus~ you're welcome :nod:
SheWolfey's avatar
Good idea :nod: I feel sad sometimes when I don't draw them often x3
Intrastele's avatar
me too :noes: i have WAY too many ^^; maybe i should give some away :shrug: i already gave 2 out this week ._.
SheWolfey's avatar
Wow o.o Maybe you could sell them?
Intrastele's avatar
just cleansed some .-. i don't think others would want my OCs though, i posted up in my journal is anyone would want the ones i don't have time for, but i have no reply :shrug:
SheWolfey's avatar
Maybe wait a bit longer, you never know :nod:
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ARPG-Q33N's avatar
i love how you draw xenos <3
you're my idol *Q*
SheWolfey's avatar
Aww really? :la: hehe, I'm flattered ^.^
SheWolfey's avatar
ChristoMan's avatar
Wow the colours look awesome :D and the head :clap:
SheWolfey's avatar
Thanks :)
I didn't pick the colours, only did the markings for half the body :nod:
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