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[Comic Strip] Usopp's background story

I've seen a Tumblr post regarding Usopp's background story and have a strong feeling to draw it out!
This script were written by Rowan, a GOD Usopp big fans, we do hope that everyone who seen this would love Usopp more a bit, or even more.

Please go to the imgur link if you want a "All in 4 pages" layout:
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That was so beautiful I love it so much. I loved how you learn so much about him just from that story Day56 - Happy Cry 
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When I think about it...Usopp's sort of like Naruto.
I love Usopp and Nami for being the only nomal people in a shipfull of crazies but when push comes to shove they'll always support their captain. Even against one of the Yonko or Warlords higher ups. I love how Usopp beat Sugar the second time especially when he finally came to the realization that his true place is behind his captain protecting his back and it doen't matter if his people see him do it or not. Although I do NOT think Usopp like it at all when someone recognized him for who he is because for two reason 1. it was Doflamingo and 2.) because he was seriously ticked offed since Usopp ruined a decades worth of plans in one move. He wanted him to pay above Law, Luffy, and Sabo.
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Too true, I still find it amazing that so many fans have ignored just how ticked off Doflamingo, a Shikibukai (someone correct my spelling please?), was at Usopp. Never before had one of the crew angered one of the 7 Warlords more than Luffy had. As you pointed out, not even Law ticked Doffy off so much.  Doffy is the one to give Usopp the new tag of "God Usopp", the Marines took note and made it official on Usopp's next bounty ... they also took note of how Duffy made Usopp the only 5 Star, Luffy and Law were only 4 stars, Usopp got the highest bounty from Doflamingo. 
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Damn. Can you not try to rip the little bit of heart I still have?
I love it though
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"FUN things to imagine" huh...? xD

This is so nice and so true! :O
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Good job, now I'm crying
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So many people diss on Usopp's but I'm glad there are drawings like this out here, so sad and so true he's pretty brave for growing up on such a mild village then thrusted into such huge trouble most would have quit after the pirate attack. Plus he always helps people no matter how afraid he is.
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Rasmeii: I'm trying not to cry. But the feels. DAMNIT THE FEEEEEELZ //cries
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There is no more sad story.
The closest things to that are luffy right before the timeskip and Nami before the story even started.
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Thank goodness Usopp is with them now huh? :)
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That is so sweet!
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I now have the happys and the sads, I know not what to do. //dies
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*Cry intensifies*
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*sOBS GROssLy*
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I love it....but I hate it.....but I love it.....I'M CRYING
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I feel so bad! I always felt like usopp was that character to make you laugh! Now I think I'm gonna cry!
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SWEET MOTHER OF FUCKING GOD THE FEELZ!!!!!!QAQ:iconcannotevenplz::iconcryingpikachuplz:
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I like it...
 Though you're right about around what time he met Kaya.i He met the boys much earlier. In ch. 40 it was revealed that Usopp met the boys of Usopp's Pirates 5 years prior. Since Usopp was 17 and they were only 9 at the time, that means he met the boys when he was 12 and they were only 4 years old.
That doesn't make much difference in your tribute though since he -at nearing teenhood- had to be pretty lonely to befriend toddlers. Most kids at 10-13 don't like playing with only 4 yr olds.

I agree it was a lot of Usopp's insecurity about himself there in the fight with Luffy over Merry, he merely used the ship as a cover for himself. Though it really did land a blow to Usopp in the argument before the fight that Luffy basically said that if Usopp felt that way then he can leave the crew. Nami scolds him and Luffy takes it back but the damage is done ... Luffy had (unintentionally) confirmed Usopp's fears of being left behind by telling him to leave the crew in fit of anger.

Both were wrong in that dispute, Usopp should have talked about his insecurity instead of projecting it onto a broken ship, and Luffy shouldn't have said that. While they reconciled, only Usopp apologized for what was said and done. At least I don't remember Luffy ever saying he was sorry for saying that to Usopp. IF someone knows if he did, please reply with the chapter number in it happened. 
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I liked Usopp since the first time he appeared in the manga. This is a beautiful tribute to the bravest character in One Piece.  :)
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awwh that was beautiful and sad ;^; 
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