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This is a very lightweight iTunes controller, made for Rainmeter, using Rainmeter's excellent iTunes plugin. The skin is split into two configs, one for the spinning record(Record\record.ini) and one for the player+artwork+controls (Player\player.ini). I have put a recommended setup for the skin here: [link] (put it in your rainmeter.ini file), but all you really need to do is enable both configs and drag the vinyl record into the main player until it snaps into position (look at the image preview to see the placement of the record).

If you need more help head over to the Rainmeter forums thread here: [link]

-Clicking on the round part of the arm opens iTunes and starts playing.
-Clicking on the round part again will stop the player but leave iTunes open.
-Hovering over the artwork displays some basic track information, volume control and some iTunes player controls:
Previous song, Rewind, Pause, Hide/Show iTunes, Play, Fast Forward, Next song
-Sound effects for needle drop and lift (courtesy of

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can you make this for spotigy????


piregwan's avatar
Awesome work. So gorgeous. Thank you for sharing
I want beautyful
Anyone please tell me how to link WMP player to retrotunes.. i'm new to this....i tried to change measure=WMP but dint worked....
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it works with Animation CD Realy Good
I combined with it

Good Idea

Thank´s !  +fav
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awesome stuff there. but it doesn't seem to grab the artwork from spotify :\
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wonderful :) can you make it for media player?
hello, excellent pluggin tell me some way to enlarge abria about 1000px, is for a project
InvincibleTuCan's avatar
love this thing!
i made the UI a little darker cause the grey looked weird on my wallpaper though.
oh btw, is there an option to stop iTunes from opening the main windows when I press the arm?
Like, run itunes minimized?
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This looks great! Keep up the good work!
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only itunes? can't be media player? stupid f*cking apple
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I have converted this to NowPlaying :)
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just FYI, NowPlaying allows this rainmeter skin to play music with more types of music players
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Very Nice, but wish the record and arm was on the other side
like it suppose to
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Can you update this skin to support the NowPlaying.dll present in Rainmeter 2.1 (beta)? This would be awesome!

The skin itself looks awesome, this is exactly what I was looking for!
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very nice. can u make another version for windows media player?
im new at do you apply please
this skin is just insaanely good dude
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