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Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
Hello and welcome to my page! :heart:
My name is Sofía, I'm a hobbyist artists who likes traditional and digital art.
Find me on Youtube
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I'm Shesvii on Art Amino

Hablo español :bulletblack: Parlo italiano :bulletblack: Je parle français :bulletblack: Я говорью по-русски :bulletblack: Я розумію українську мову :bulletblack: I speak English

Sugar and spice Stamp by Mel-Rosey Stamp: Kindness is Never Wasted by Southrobin Original Characters stamp by StampMakerLKJ
Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori wrong reality by WolfcatStamps Still looking for my style stamp by Shesvii

Pixel Compass by DelightfulDingo Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle Pixel Compass by DelightfulDingo

:bulletblack:Don't be shy! I love feedback, so I won't bite you if you leave a comment just to say hello.
:bulletblack:I love llamas! I always send one back.
:bulletblack:Art status
Plain Gray Commissions Button by neripixu OPEN
Plain Gray Requests Button by neripixu read my Request project: Starcall journal.
Plain Gray Art Trade Button by neripixu WITH FRIENDS ONLY


Commissions are openGENERAL INFO:
What I draw:
:bulletblue: Humans (females and males). I can add animal features.
:bulletblue: Erotic poses and outfits (corsets, highheels...)
:bulletblue: Landscapes and animals.
What I don't draw:
:bulletblack: Pokemon, digimon, sonic and similar fandoms. 
:bulletblack: Porn and fetishes, explicit sexual content.
:bulletblack: Furries, anthro, mecha and manga style.
:bulletblue: Simple monochromatic sketch. Digital, traditional or mixed media:
headshot 750Blue Points, full body  900Blue Points 

:bulletblack: Full colored headshot. Digital or traditional media: 1050Blue Points

:bulletblue: Full colored realistic half body and cartoony full
Ship's Wheel Pixel by Blueroses321 About commissionsCOMMISSION GUIDELINES
Send me a note with a description of what you want me to draw and send me links of reference pictures if you have them. Tell me which kind of artwork you want (headshot, bust or full body) Tell me if you desire a simple or a detailed background (you may not want background). Please, be concise and clear with your description. Include your Email address so I can send you the final piece. Once we agree, I will ask you to pay one part of the commission via "donate points widget" or "give points button" to ensure   
the accomplishment of your work.
Please, do not include links to your story, long backstories... it may be confusing for the artist, just explain clearly what you want and I'll try do do my best, but comprehend I can't read all the background stories you send me.
I'll start some drafts and then I'll show you the sketch I consider the best, if it's a

Eclipse is actually nice

Fri Nov 23, 2018, 2:32 AM
EDIT: Before you complain about staff not listening to us and custom boxes being gone, please read read this comment and the change log.

Hello everyone! :wave: 
After being using Eclipse for a week, I have decided to write a journal putting together all my personal thoughts about this BETA version of the site.
MIND YOU! :iconanimefaceplz:
It's still a beta version, which means it is just  an early version of a program or application that contains most of the major features, but is not yet complete. Sometimes these versions are released only to a select group of people, or to the general public, for testing and feedback. (From Wikipedia)

This Beta version has been released to Beta testers on DeviantArt, if you haven't tried Eclipse yet, please endeavour not to form an opinion based on the angriest rants you've seen from other people (most of whom also don't have access to it yet). (From TanyaSimpson 's journal Eclipse, toxic community and why we can do better)
Now let me tell you that I switched back to old version to write this jounal and be able to paste links, add thumbs, mention other deviants with the : devnamehere : system and add plz accounts. Those features aren't available on Eclipse but they will be added soon!

Things I like about Eclipse:

:bulletgreen: No adds for everyone! :iconyaayplz:
:bulletgreen: It looks FUCKING (sorry) awesome on mobile site! :iconilavplz:
I never thought dA would look that good on my mobile browser... It's just amazing and easier to use and edit than it has ever been! You can add and remove widgets without having to switch to desktop mode now. I'm super eager about the finished version of Eclipse.
:bulletgreen: We can delete deviations without having to click on each deviation one by one and go back to click on another one to delete it; now you can manage them all at once while editing your gallery without leaving the gallery page. Just click the three dots on the deviation preview and select "delete". Done! :dummy:
:bulletgreen: Managing folders is super easy and quick now. With the old version, thinking about managing folders made me lazy. Adding covers to folders is super easy now.
:bulletgreen: Posts page! Now we can access all our status updates! Thank you deviantart for this amazing new feature. :worship:
:bulletgreen: I can display ALL my badges on my About page. That's great, now they're not hidden anymore.
:bulletgreen: I love how creating commissions works now. Much easier and much more professional, the way commissions are all organized on a single page is also better than having them on your profile. Being able to browse commissions is helpful and I love this new possibility.
:new::bulletgreen: I love the fact that each deviant has his own shop page with Commissions, prints and downloadable content organized and easy to find.
:bulletgreen: The Love Meter and the filter system on the front page. I absolutely love them! I am giving love to tons of awesome art to test these new features and look at personalized reccomendations!
:bulletgreen: We can browse posts, meaning, we can browse community polls and status updates and interact with people we don't even watch. This is a nice step towards a warmer community with more interaction! I love it!
:new::bulletgreen: Isn't awesome when you can add videos and pictures to your comments with a single click? Well, that's possible on Eclipse!
:bulletgreen: Comment likes. This is the best thing that could have ever happened to a forumer! :iconhappytearplz:

Things I dislike about Eclipse:

:bulletred: The dark mode is too dark and the light mode is too light. It gives migraines and headaches very quickly. A lot of people find it painful to the eyes and brain. It is nice to have light and dark mode but it's not a good idea to stick to pure white and black.
:bulletred: It's still very glitchy on mobile (it's a beta). The most annoying part is when you're navigating using Eclipse on mobile and it randomly redirects you to the old mobile site. It does it every now and then and at some point I gave up and took my laptop to continue using Eclipse properly. (I noticed Eclipse only works on your personal page on mobile site)
:bulletred: While editing and customizing folders is easy and quick, the scrapbook seems to be the forgotten folder since edition doesn't work for it. When I try to use a scrap submission as a cover for Scraps, the edition tools says I don't have any deviation on that folder!
:bulletred: I can't search my own gallery nor can I search my favourites. 
:bulletred: Endlessly scrolling when browsing is tiring. I don't even like it on mobile, I prefer to browse through pages. It would be nice to be able to choose between scrolling and pages just like we can do now.
:bulletred: The navigation bar/menu disappears when you go to certain pages like Forums and Groups. That makes navigation very hard and slow, you need to open new tabs to visit the pages where the menu vanishes. :stare:
:new:EDIT 14th, December: navigation menu doesn't disappear anymore when using forums.
:bulletred: The watch page is a total mess! I dislike how big the thumbs are there and how removing deviation stacks has become a two step move. 
:bulletred: Notifications are all mixed and it doesn't seem to be a reason why the comment and favs are all together. I don't know if I can explain it, but I prefer a feed where comments have their own section and don't show up mixed with favs, llama and watch notifications with no apparent order.
:bulletred: More notification problems. Comments are hard to read and it's hard to find the parent comment since it doesn't give you a link to it.
:new:EDIT 14th, December: comments appear to big on your notifications stack (everything is too big in general).
:bulletred: Sure, I don't like not being able to paste thumb codes, mention people and use plz accounts but that will be implemented in the near future. Proof:…

Things I am neutral with:

:bulletblack: Custom boxes removal. Yes, I don't care. I am aware they're working on new customization features, why should I miss cutom boxes and yell at staff if I haven't seen how the new customization works? Proof that they are working on costumization:…
:bulletblack: The big header. Is it too big? I don't think so. We can work on a big puzzle composition showcasing several of our works and profit the big size of the header to customize our page.

Friendly reminder that Eclipse is just a beta version of a necessary DeviantArt update. Everybody knows the site was getting stale, it was too old-fashioned. It will get us a lot of time to get used to it but please, remember, this is for the better! We're getting better, faster and modern features that are really supported by new age's browsers and technologies. Since it is a beta, instead of throwing tantrums file a bug report or send a feedback sheet to staff:
:bulletblack: Bug report:…
:bulletblack: General feedback:…
I kindly ask you to please be respectful and nice to staff members, even if you dislike this update there's no need to be rude.
If Eclipse worries you to the point you're considering leaving DeviantArt, remember that this demo is not the finished version and you could be contributing to its development by filling bug reports and sending feedback sheets. And don't worry since staff will communicate to the entire community when the old site is no more available.

Eclipse Change Log: December 12, 2018
Eclipse - A 3-headed feedback - Part 1 on 2
Eclipse - A 3-headed feedback - Part 2 on 2
Eclipse Change Log: December 5, 2018
Eclipse Change Log: November 28, 2018 
BETA TEST: DeviantArt Eclipse
Eclipse Change Log: November 21, 2018
Thank You for Your Feedback on Eclipse!
re: Eclipse
About Eclipse and Dinosaurs
My Thoughts On Eclipse
Eclipse: The More You Know.

DAv9 - DeviantART Eclipse:… by piggies-go-moo
If you could have ONE new thing guaranteed to be included in Eclipse, what would it be?:… by Katy-L-Wood
deviantART Eclipse:… by AKA-38CAUTION
My Biggest Problem With DeviantART Eclipse:… by Vex27
DeviantArt Eclipse: Core new features and Core updates. Yay or nay?:… by Shesvii

Insightful criticism by ria-illustrates
About pixel avatars by danlev
When will Eclipse be released? by danlev

And last but not least, I am of course encouraging you to discuss about Eclipse and share your thoughts here!

Skin by SimplySilent

Art History Week

This article will be just a little insight into the history of colour and pigment mixing in art. For a in depth pigment explanation, we suggest you to visit this site.

Before getting started, let's make sure we know what is a pigment:
1. A
 substance that imparts black or white or a color to other materials 
2. A powdered substance that is mixed with a liquid in which it is relatively insoluble and used especially to impart color to coating materials (such as paints) or to inks, plastics, and rubber

Pigments are solid materials with a high tinting strength that are usually employed in powdered form. Nowadays, we can find both natural and synthetic pigments, so the range of colours available is almost endless. But what about the pigments used by ancient artists? 

Pigments in Prehistoric times

6309517 Orig by Shesvii

Since prehistoric times, n
 mineral pigments have been used to fabricate colours and embellish the human body.
These natural pigments were mostly earthy tones taken from materials easy to find such as rocks, dirt, charcoal, clay, burnt bones and all kinds of minerals. Iron oxides, calcite and umber colours were the first pigments used by our ancestors, meaning they used white, reds, oranges, yellows, greens, browns and blacks (sometimes even purples).
It's a warm range of colours, isn't it? 

Ochers3 Large by Shesvii
Ocher pigments.
Over 30,000 years ago, ocher pigments were the first colours used by prehistoric men.
 Cave paintings showcase the huge colour range achieved with ocher pigments mixed with natural biological binders to create creamy smooth paint.  

Wait, what is a binder? O_o

A binder is a vehicle used to hold pigments together when mixing paints. A lot of substances can work as a binder. Prehistoric men used mostly spit, animal fat, wax or resin to bound the pigments. 


BigBlue Ramses III by Shesvii
Ramses III, detail. 
Egyptians not only used natural pigments to create their paints, but also created the first artificial pigment ever seen. The oldest artificial pigment is known as Egyptian blue and it's the colour of Ramses III's crown in the picture above. This colour was made of copper and other substances and could be mixed as a darker or lighter blue depending on its composition. 

oie l9VmpNEH1Lzk by Shesvii

The Mayan ​​
Red Queen tomb at Palenque is covered by a layer of a bright warm red known as vermillion. This colour is made from cinnabar (HgS, mercury sulfide) and it's highly toxic. To make this colour, cinnabar solid mineral stones needed to be milled to obtain a brilliant red powder. 
In the picture above, you can see the brilliance of this colour.

Saffron by Shesvii
Antique civilizations discovered how to use biological pigments and tints from flowers and animals. While Middle Eastern cultures and Minoans used the stigma of saffron flowers to produce intense warm yellow hues, the Paracas culture produced a carmine red dye made from a species of beetle that's known as cochineal red. Nowadays, it's still used in the cosmetic industry since it's not toxic, unlike vermillion.

mural-from-an-Eastern-Han-tomb-artificial-pigment by Shesvii

Han blue and Han purple were two synthetic pigments created in China.  These pigments were created 2,500 years ago and were used to paint and decorate the terracotta warriors. According to physicists, the pigment is a technological wonder that could not be reconstructed again until 1992!

Other interesting pigments were royal or imperial purple,  a natural dye made from a marine snail and discovered by the Romans, an indigo dye that the Phoenicians also made from a species of marine snail and the Maya blue, a bright light turquoise colour that was created using both organic (indigo) and inorganic (palygorskite mineral) substances.


During the Middle Ages,
 most of the pigments we've already seen were still being used by artisans and crafters. After discovering America, new pigments and dyes arrived in Europe.
Cochineal red became very popular among painters in the 16th and 17th centuries. Artists like Rembrandt or Raffaello used this saturated bright red dye on top of more muted red paints to make them shinier. 

Descarga by Shesvii
The Virgin in prayer, Sassoferrato.
Ultramarine blue, a colour that's still very popular, was originally made from the gemstone lapis lazuli and usually mixed with oily binders to create deep blue hues traditionally associated with the Virgin Mary. Its precious precedence made the pigment so expensive that in the 1950's, Yves Klein and a French art supplier decided to reproduce a synthetic version of this very expensive colour. 

The new synthetic pigment is now known as French ultramarine and can be purchased by anyone! 

Modern age

In the course of the history of art, a lot of toxic pigments and dyes have been employed by artisans and artists. We already talked about some of them but there are more poisonous colours that have been recently banned such as Chrome yellow, which caused delirium and has been replaced by a synthetic non toxic version, and Scheele's green, made with arsenic and banned in the 1960's because it could cause blindness, other health problems and even death.

06 renoir02Z by Shesvii
Auguste Renoir's paint box. Museum d'Orsay, Paris.
The 19th century was a period of drastic change for watercolorists and oil painters since new pigments, hues, techniques and art supplies appeared.
In 1841 the American oil painter John Rand invented the first paint tube which allowed artists to have pre-mixed colours in their palettes instead of mixing their own colours and made plein air oil painting much easier and comfortable.
Before Impressionism, artists had to mix pinkish reds like Magenta with warm blues such as Ultramarine blue to obtain their own affordable purples, due to purple dyes being very expensive. During this period, the very first cheap and already mixed violet colour appeared: it was the Manganese violet. It became a must in Impressionists' colour palette.

Since the 1900's, white paint was mixed using titanium and zinc, as a result of banning the toxic lead white artists had been using until 1978. The new whites were less bright and pure, but they were safe to use.

Recommended reads:
:bulletblack: "A brief history of Color in Art":…
:bulletblack: "The History of natural Art Pigments": historyofnaturalartpigments.we…
:bulletblack: "Indigo, vermillion and other ancient colors that have decorated the world for millenia":…

Art is for everyone!

Sun Oct 21, 2018, 10:48 AM
Hello, sweeties! :iconcutehiplz:
Are you all up to an art game? :la: Let's share each others' art and feature it to spread the love!

:bulletpink: First 10 people to comment on this journal will be featured.
:bulletpink: I will choose from 3 to 5 deviations from your gallery.
:bulletpink: If you comment please copy and paste the rules of this game into your own Journal and have me featured in the first slot.
:bulletpink: The idea is to spread art around, not get free features!

Art feature ♡

Please, check RedLuigi2887's gallery! :heart:
Lara and the lizard man by RedLuigi2887 Jana by RedLuigi2887
Mystical sludge things by RedLuigi2887 Dragon eyes by RedLuigi2887

All worship thomasVanDijk 's glorious icon! Also, take a look at his gallery. :dummy:
Biting Pear of Salamanca Tribute by thomasVanDijk Icon by thomasVanDijk
Sunset at Vlaardingen by thomasVanDijk

Look at the colorful and creative art of Wonderful-Unknown! :squee:
Norb's Evil Shadow by Wonderful-Unknown The Angry Beavers by Wonderful-Unknown
Biiig Hug! by Wonderful-Unknown

ManchinesAndMonsters does some badass designs, go check them out! :squee:
D.machine #161 by ManchinesAndMonsters D.machine #146 by ManchinesAndMonsters
Failed M.machine concept #4 by ManchinesAndMonsters D.machine #160 by ManchinesAndMonsters

You should also visit Panartias's gallery :love:
Sword-rapier by Panartias Wyvern by Panartias
Svala by Panartias Unusual Ways to Fight MonstersI give you this mini-sequel of several unusual, but not totally serious ways to fight D&D monsters (written in character). I hope you enjoy the read – and feel free to contribute!
How to Fight Red Dragons:
The person who slays a dragon – especially a red one – is often celebrated as a hero. In my opinion, the killing of a single dragon is – apart from the danger to your own life – quite futile and ineffective. In the long run, the most effective way to decimate a species is to diminish its food source. As everybody knows, red dragons eat virgins.
I’m sure you will agree with me, that this kind of dragon-slaying is much less dangerous and more importantly, much more fun. Okay, it’s not totally without bloodshed - but most men are already proficient with the necessary “weapons”. Let’s take up the fight and conquer the red dragons together.  I’m convinced there is a hero in every one of us!
In short:

Shanglon is an awesome artist, look at this! :faint: :heart:
Still life with parrot by Shanglon Albino Beauty by Shanglon
Avidas Dollars by Shanglon

Do you like clean, simple digital pin up art and illustration? Then you may like YaggyDigital 's art.
Alice Emine - Flapper by YaggyDigital

Mature Content

ART FIGHT 2018 - Belia by YaggyDigital

Hilltop by YaggyDigital Dreamcatcher by YaggyDigital

You should also visit kayandjaycreate's page! :dummy:

Mature Content

Good Morning, aime by kayandjaycreate
Lord Cosme Sault by kayandjaycreate
The Lion of Valehaven by kayandjaycreate Serenade: Color by kayandjaycreate

Theluki986's gallery is also worth a visit.
Pejesapo de barbas - Practice with white acrylics by Theluki986 A shiny night by Theluki986
How to train your cat by Theluki986 The mountains - Practice with watercolours by Theluki986

If you like photography and literature, you should look at BelphegorDeLEsip's art! :aww:
The cloud from the Lock by BelphegorDeLEsip La peau est si belleNous en rêvons toujours, de monter l'Everest
Dans un sublime effort, nous grimpons sur la chaise
Notre exploit héroïque, nous a mis fort à l'aise
De chanter comme un coq, avec l'air qu'il nous reste
Nous en rêvons toujours, d'égaler Baudelaire
Dans un pathétique trait, nous lâchons quelques vers
Notre forfait commis, de quoi avons nous l'air ?
D'un grand gallinacé, à la voix de travers !

Beloved Swans - Cygnes amoureux by BelphegorDeLEsip

Skin by SimplySilent


Shesvii has started a donation pool!
1,062 / 1,000
:bulletblack:Points are for future contests.
:bulletwhite:Also you can pay here commissions once I finish them.
:bulletblack:If you like my art, you can donate to show your support.
Every little donation is appreciated! Lily Love-project-entry by spring-sky

Ship's Wheel Pixel by Blueroses321:iconhplz::iconeplz::iconlplz::iconp-plz: Ship's Wheel Pixel by Blueroses321
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DevianArt Eclipse. Do you like it? 

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