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Skin Tut

By shesta713
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other helpful skin tutorials...


1.) start with middle tone.
2.) shade in the general lighting with all of the colours, with a hard round brush at a low opacity.
3.) continue to shade, with a bigger hard round brush, same colours, and smoothing out the tones.
4.) continue smoothing and blending (you can use the 'smudge' tool if you wish.)
5.) fix some of the lighting, taking into consideration the background and reflections.
6.) on a new layer, with a soft airbrush on full opacity, mark in some pink, blue, green, and ugly yellow.
7.) change the layer to 'soft light' and change the opacity accordingly.
8.) on a new layer, add a bit of texture using spatter brushes, with black and white.
9.) change the layer to 'soft light' and about a 45% opacity.
10.) on a new layer, add more texture, again with black and white.
11.) change the layer to 'softlight' on a 50% opacity.
12.) on a new layer, fill in with grey, and add 'noise' then 'spatter' effect, set it to about a 3-8% opacity on softlight.
add any extra details such as viens, moles, freckles, extra lighting, more detail in the skin pores, ect.


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Thank you so, so much for posting this. It was an absolute God-Send like... ugh... Thanks
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I'm still learning how to paint skin, this helps so much! Thanks <3
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This tutorial is EXTREMELY helpful!! Thank you so much!! Any suggestions on how exactly to use the colors in step 6? As in like how much for each color or in which places to use them in terms of lighting and shadows?
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Really needed something like this. Thanks! :)
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This tutorial's fantastic! It was invaluable to me the first time I attempted to paint skin in Photoshop. Your instruction really helped me get things underway. Can't thank you enough for posting this deviation and once again great work! Clap 
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Thank you!! Glad you've found it so helpful
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Thank you very very much <3
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Hey there ;D
I tried this too, and I have to say... it turned out to be really helpful ^^
Thank you a lot!…
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Thanks. Very helpful! :)
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I tried it and played with it this is how it came out haha still gotta skill myself with the brushes and touched but it was fun thank you so much ♥…
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Wow this is really helping me :) Thank you so much for sharing :) :D
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Thank you so much! <3
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does this apply on procrete? 
thx for ur tutorial
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Are there any other ways to blend other than smudging?
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Of course!  Layering colours together with low opacity until it appears seamless, or blurring it works as well.
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Thank you!! Referenced it here on this WIP:…
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Why are all skin tutorials on a ball?
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Easier to show form, and easy to do probably.
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This is the first skin shading tutorial I've ever used and I got the same result as yours! So thanks loads for taking the time to do this tut :)
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