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Seth Reference Sheet

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It's been a really long time since I last did art.

I've decided to join another OCT because I'm apparently not busy enough as it is...I really wanted to finally tell Seth's story so I am entering him into this tournament~ If you need/want to see more of him here's a compilation of some of the pictures I've already done of him.  You can also find him in my entries for TOR. (He's not in Round 1)

Rin's Reference sheet -…


This is for :iconangelzoneoct:

Sorry for the novel...
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ScytheValeStudent Traditional Artist
Omg, long time no see! Sadly my life got super busy and I can't join any octs
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Shes-tStudent Digital Artist
HELLO~ That's sad. Being your opponent in an OCT would be amazing~ 

Aside from the part that only one of us can move on....>.>;
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ScytheValeStudent Traditional Artist
Hey!!! Yeah, we didn't get the chance to face each others in an OCT.
But it would be worth mopping you across the floor because I got better at drawing 
over the years. jk XD Oh God, I really miss you, ya big nerd! *pinches your cheeks* 

It would be sad..yeah....but I think Seth would suffer from one of my ocs that would
annoy the shit out of the poor guy. xD 
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Shes-tStudent Digital Artist
Haha, I'm sure I could give you a run for your money~ It would be a very close match between us. 

Llama Emoji 42 (Pinch Cheek) [V2] I missed talking you too! I missed DA in general. I'm glad I'm back. I wish I could join another tournament as well so I could use these other characters in it that I want to draw but I barely have time for this one...T.T

lolol I think pretty much everyone and everything annoys Seth to some extent... But, yes, some of your ocs would drive him crazy. XD
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ScytheValeStudent Traditional Artist
LMAO! True! lD I think we both end up making our judges and bystanders get attach to our ocs. LMAO 

 XAX;' Awww, yeah, I mostly hang out in Cardian's now. ewe;' Playing World of Darkness campaigns and such 
with my characters. Hmm..yeah..tournaments are too tedious for me now. ewe;' I try to update my comics
on a website now. Even it's still difficult for me. lllOTL I am mostly on skype. LOL 

LMAO Poor Seth, though. It's too bad he easily gets annoyed. ewe;' Oh...guess what...Cain has a grandchild now. xD A lot happened. 
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Shes-tStudent Digital Artist
Yes, how could they not love our characters~

I'm not familiar with World of Darkness but it sounds cool. I'm in a few role-playing games with friends and it's so much fun. lol They certainly are tedious...but having deadlines for my work is actually helping me get things done...>.>; I would love to make my own comic, but I think the tournaments will end up being as close to having a comic as I will get. Good luck with yours though! I will have to keep checking up on it for updates~

Not too bad for meee~ It makes drawing him in terrible situations more fun. >:D
Haha, wow. A lot indeed, Cain has been busy.
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ScytheValeStudent Traditional Artist
Pffft! Difficult for them to judge because it's going to be like a kid in a candy store.

World of Darkness (Wod) is a board game that is similar to Dungeons and Dragons,
but with different mechanics. =w= A role-playing game? Do you use a dice for it? 
LMAO  Omg, really? Usually it kind of kills my motivation as it kind of drags on. That's
just me, though. I need a lot of time for more important things that would keep me 
from being evicted from my new home. xD

Omg, you love to torture your characters! XD
Pffft! didnt take him much...and poor Alister....and kai xD
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Shes-tStudent Digital Artist
Indeed it would~

That's cool. Yup, the role playing games I play all require dice. They don't have any board game part though. It's purely imagination. Actually one of the games I'm in is a DnD RPG. :3
That part is sadly true...As TOR went on I got a little burned out and I was very happy to get knocked out after round 4. >.>; I am afraid that will happen in this tournament too. I'm already starting to get a little tired of constantly having to work on my entry so that I can finish it. I just wish I could make my entries like half the size...Then I'd have no problem finishing them... But yes, not being evicted from house is much more important that a dumb tournament. 

Yes I very much do....X3 
lol luckily for Al and Kai my focus is on Seth right now so they don't have to worry about being tortured by me.
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SylveraDrakeHobbyist General Artist
EEEEE SETH. Omg I've missed seeing stuff from you ;w; Glad to see he's getting some more screen time!
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Inudoragon23Student General Artist
YEEEEEESSSSSS!!! Much excite! X3
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Dezzy13Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow I have missed this nerd!!!
Gosh, I'm so excited to see what you do in this tournament! I loved reading what you did in the TOR! I'm also super interested in who Rin is (im guessing they're his partner for the tourney) 
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Shes-tStudent Digital Artist
Me too~ I love drawing him. 
Thanks! You would be correct. I just can't decide if I'm going to post Rin's bio before or after a couple pages of my audition. (well, that and I also have to actually do it still...)
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Caffinated-PineconeHobbyist Digital Artist

like SUPER familiar
maybe i found a picture of him a long time ago and that's why I watched you
that was probably it
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Shes-tStudent Digital Artist
lol He was one of the characters from another OCT I joined about 3ish years ago. He was in it quite a bit and I've barely changed his design since then, so that's probably why. :3
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ZhdaraHobbyist Digital Artist
Yaas! I'm excited to see more of him!! <3
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Alpha-PainHobbyist Digital Artist
Cool X3
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