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Sisterhooves Squabble
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Published: March 8, 2019
One of my fav episodes. I dunno, I can never get the MLP style foals right. They turn out bigger under my hand. Oh well, I can't draw to save my life, you know that. ^^;

It's always fun to watch a conflict. Especially a natural one. Too little blessings, too different characters, too little fair competition... or babysitting little sis. Or having a friend being a jerk to your other friends. MLP is so good at these. That's why I love it. ^__^
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RupertBlueFox|Hobbyist Digital Artist
My two favorite marshmallows! :D
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Goodbye Unsister!
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Such pouty faces!
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DarthWill3|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sweetie Belle's the cutest!
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Hmm Sweetie does feel a little bit too big but I just assume she's older and even though she is that sibling rivalry remains as it normally does.
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Still my favorite episode after all these years. 
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PinkSquid5|Student Digital Artist
This is so beautiful! Nuu  Keep up the amazing artwork! w00t! 
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TwilightIsMagic|Student General Artist
I think you did quite well with Sweetie though. She's as big as she should be.

Good episode indeed. And its progress felt lifelike in particular. Indeed, pones are great at this sorta thing.
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VictorArminius|Professional Writer
What delicious Pony Art!  You can't draw to save your life, you say?  Calumny!!!  If you can do this old school, you have nothing else to prove.  More, please!
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Those faces are so cute.
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WildArtDudeEdited |Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What do you think about the final series coming this Spring?
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sherwoodwhisperEdited |Student Digital Artist
I still haven't watched past S2. With exceptions but still. There are many things I don't like even after "The Return of Harmony", which I concider a logical end of the show, summing all that happened in S1. And as I said somewhere before, the very first "Lesson Zero" shreds all the best ideas to pieces. The show becomes a parody to itself. Deep ideas become stereotypes and cliches. Obviously the staff lost someone very valuable who made it work. Faust or someone else, I don't know. But it's not the same. It's "yet another cheap cartoon for easy cash". Which I cannot judge since it was the idea in the first place. And the fact the S1 was genius was an... accident. Someone gave the right people too much freedom and they made something brilliant but then lawyers and accountants of Hasbro came and decided to take the lead. Happens to all the good projects. So I stay in my safety bubble to not lose this bit of fairy tale that mends my mental wounds. That's my little humble opinion.
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I agree with you on everything but one.
You can't draw to save your life, but what you can encourage yourself and others to live longer and happier lives right? :) Plus, great work.
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I will say, those were the good times XD Really thinking on re-watching them again in my free time. 
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XeviousGreenII|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your style looks great! But I also know the problem that you've got to be extra careful to make foals look like they are small. Maybe it's because I don't draw them that often, so the style is kind of "fixed" to adult proportions.
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Pudgy Belle is so squeezibly adorable, even when upset.
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Gotta love when these two start having sister moments. :D
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AleximusPrime|Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, that's a classic!  :D
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dude, what are you talking about? You have always had a very unique style, it's lovely and i honestly am a huge fan of it :D

If i had to nitpick on anything, i'd say sweetie's horn looks a bit off, either the orientation or the position is a bit off...but that's such a small issue that it's not worth to worry about.

The scale of the characters looks pretty good to me and i want to say that you have some incredible lines, especially for drawing in a traditional media. I also love the little crosshatch thing you do to fill in colors...and of course i love the soft and plump style you have going on! It really makes everything so much cuter! :D

So please, don't overthink your drawings too much, trying to get better and self-critique is good but don't let it get under your skin

Also yes, i loved that episode too, i think that's the one that changed my view on Rarity's character :D
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LavenderRain24|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww so cute.... I don't think my sister and I have had a fight like this yet. We're really close even though she's 13 and I'm 24! She's my step sister as well but I just call her my sister as that feels better to say - if you know what I mean. Technically I'm an only child but I have 3 half sisters and 2 half brothers but I only live with my younger sister.
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ilvbrownies|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am in a very similar situation myself, I have a stepbrother 10 years my junior and two half-brothers that are 20+ years my seniors, but I just refer to them as brothers, it's just easier. 
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