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Darktober 7: Fan

Three months ago...

I miss the hot Summer.


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I still have one of those~♡

Feels so good~♡

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In France we have a Cold Shitty Summer ! it raid every day and worst 70-80% of our agricultural field died because of the freeze...IN SUMMER !!! Like the Virus is not enough, mother nature really hate us.

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From what I heard, it's been crazy "discord" weather all around the world. Heat where heat is unusual, cold where cold is unusual, rains in dry regions and drought in wet ones. As if the planet was following the madness humans create these days. It rather surprises me how the world around us copies the insanity, not people catch up with emotional response. Maybe the universe is alive in its core...

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We're her fans too! :3

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That one was kinda obvious.

Hoping she won't try to stop it with her tongue...

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Nothing like a cooling breeze on a hot summer afternoon

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I just know she makes noises into the blades, to make her voice sound all roboty. 😂

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What kid wouldn't XD

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<---(also a fan of Eri's)

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