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A Filly's Guide to Introversion 2

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The second page.

By the way, feel free to tell me about any mistakes. I still have a terrible fear of uploading stuff with missing horns, tails or CMs. I check and check again over and over but then the brain works weird. It may miss something you look at directly. Later I can't even explain why didn't I see something so obvious. That includes typos. :shrug:

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You don't make drawing mistakes that I seen, but that Rainbow Dash......... that's one out of character small horse. She would NEVER say that.
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She would as a rough joke. Not knowing it's someone who wouldn't understand it since she's new. Not that she's less rude with her friends.

"That pony is afraid of her own shadow!"
"You could, I dunno, FLY up here?!"
"Think you can do better, cow girl?"
"Pinkie Pie?! Not again!"
"Cutsie and wootsie? Have you even met me?"
"Cause every pony who's ever come in... has never... come... OUT!!!"
"What did you read? The Egghead's Guide to Running?!"

Oh, remember how she didn't care about animals feelings, making them compete for her attention? Or how she was showing off instead of helping ponies who needed her help? She's the most rude and inconsiderate pony in the whole show. So that's exactly what she could do in that situation. Maybe having a bad day she could even say that seriously.
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This is Opinion Land, but I would draw her with a bit of a smirk, to drive home that it's a rude joke. Why? Because good old RD and PP know each other for years, of course a new friend will not "take away" PP from her.

Let's just say I am super critical for situations when fans try to depict others' characters in..... character.
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The time when Eri came to Ponyville in my story is around S1, RD still avoids PP in "Griffon the Brush off". Gilda managed to "steal" RD from PP, she even comes to Twilight to whine about it. Same ep, RD yells at PP for teasing her when she's moving a cloud before pranking Spike, no smirk. I take the character exactly the way she is. You may be taking her from your own imagination. I can understand that since, writing a story, I have to face moments when I need to add my own bits, which being organic still are technically non-canon. But you're obviously being stubborn, not fair.

There are two different questions you can ask yourself to check a situation for being plausible. "Is it possible it could happen?" and "Is it possible that it could NOT happen?". You really stick to the second one. And that question can beat absolutely any arguments. You find the slightest possibility RD could be nice for once and try to tell me it proves she is absolutely nice as character. So I have to conclude you come to argue for argue sake. Which isn't very problematic with me. But... you gotta understand, when I bring up more proofs that RD is far from polite, you ignore them. That's not criticism, that's "I want it like this, period!". RD kicks dragon, RD showers Fluttershy with a bucket of water to wash off her "pox", RD makes Scootaloo take out the trash with a haughty face, RD harms guests as the Gala to show off for Wonderbolts... I can go on and on, she's very rude. It's not my opinion, it's the show's opinion.

She's young and hot-headed, she doesn't know she hurts the others because she doesn't think much about that. Because she's an extravert. She reacts. And this up here is her absolutely natural reaction. She wouldn't do that every time, she's probably upset about something and taking it out on Eri, but it's 100% her behavior. Based on how she treas EACH of her friends.

Opinion is nice but you're trying to convince me for some reason. I'm telling you why to me it would be a lie. You're doing what you're blaming me for. Depicting a character distorted. No hard feelings, just facts. :shrug:
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Wonderful work
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Wow this realy hits home hard. This is exactly what's going on in my head all the time. After some time of interacting with others (family or strangers) I just want some rest from everything. Spending some time with the semi-feral cat outside my appartment helps. But once I'm inside again, my parents manage to undo most of my relaxation. Currently it's almost impossible for me to form a bond with any person.
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I'm awfully lucky to get much time alone. I cannot imagine how tough it must be for those who have no escape place. Although it must be pretty easy to find one in almost any surrounding. At least a toilet. ^^; Grab a newspaper, yell out loud "I'm constipated!" and you get 30 min of unquestioned paradise. =D
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And here comes the problem of finding fellow introverts: We kind of have trouble reaching out, searching.
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Having trouble reaching out socially is shyness. The problem finding other introverts is rather that we're quiet. And that we cannot know if a person is shy, loner or really introverted. Occasionally we state it out loud, like I just did, and the others may know. But why find the others? We can't share ideas on mind level. And word level is too rough anyway. That's what I showed here with Eri and Twi. It doesn't take to go down to a rough level. It's enough to understand each-other. Then you're one with all other introverts.

Ever heard of meditation? ^^; When you're absolutely silent inside, you're just as silent as anyone else in the same state anywhere on the planet. Then you all share your thoughts at the same time. =D

Being introverted means being self-sufficient. Reaching out is extraversion by its definition. If you need to talk, a quiet extravert will do. :nod:
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Being both shy and introvert, I kind of keep mixing that up.
But it isn't always about someone to talk. Occassionally, it's just nice to be near someone without having to interact.
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True. It doesn't have to be another introvert though. Just a person who respects you and stays quiet is enough. ^__^
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Oh this is so like how I think.
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Sweet Luna, I love the use of Twilight as a prime example of a friendly introvert! ^w^ And old Unicorn Twilight, no less!

Fantastic job on showing the world us poor suffering introverts and how we work. XD
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Twilight indeed is a good example of a friendly character that seems absolutely opposite. She enjoys the time spent alone. Even after finding friends she stays in her library away from them. She's such a "dark horse" in the first episode, absolutely closed for everyone, not even thanking his loyal Spike when he helps her. And yet she obviously enjoys the short time spent together with friends. ^__^ So even being a loner doesn't mean asocial. ^^;
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