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Favourite Pokemon meme + w. explanations

Yes, it is a meme I shamelessly filled with copy pasted-sprites. Due to my current, hectic life situation + DA's technical issues I've mentioned in my journal, this is the best I could cook up in one sitting. And as such it serves more as "filler" for my gallery than actual art. Once I get time to figure out why DA's been so cranky with me (and then upload some REAL art here), this will probably get scrapped.

Here’s the blank meme if you want to do this yourself:…

Why they included just 4 slots for each gen instead of 6 is beyond me, but whatevs. It certainly made picking my favourites even harder than before, despite the fact that I did make a list like this a few years ago. Anyway, onto the explanations as to WHY these Pokemon are on the list. Note that I have absolutely zero experience with competitive play (unless you count PWT in gen 5). So even though I know that most of these Pokemon are perfectly usable in the competitive scene, my choices are mostly based on their looks, nostalgia and/or their performance during the main campaigns. Also, note that the topmost favourite for each gen is always in the first slot. But without further ado, let’s get to it! (Also, if this goes into TLDR territory for you, feel free to skip onto the gens you’re actually interested in).

GEN 1: The biggest problem I had with this gen was the situation with Jolteon and Vaporeon. While Vaporeon is, in my opinion, the best looking Eevee form in existence, I do like Jolteon as well. At first I tried to impose “only one eeveelution rule” and seriously considered replacing Jolteon with Sandslash. The reason being that Sandslash has been a part of my team in multiple playthroughs, unlike Jolteon (because I usually evolve my Eevee either into Vaporeon or even, *le gasp*, into Flareon). That said, I do like Jolteon’s looks slightly more than Sandslash’s and I do know that Jolteon can be a powerful sweeper in competitive scene (thanks to playing PWT in White 2 on a regular basis).

GEN 2: Hands down the easiest gen for me when it came to filling this meme. I have played through all the gens in the chronological order, but even so, Gen 2 has always been more precious to me than gen 1. Gen 2 also had more complex, sleeker Pokemon designs in comparison. The shiny Lugia doesn’t mean that I prefer the pink sea guardian over the original one (even though Lugia DOES look quite good in pink), but rather, Lugia is my #1 Pokemon of ALL TIME! You can blame the Pokemon 2000 movie for it – I used to watch that movie over and over again when I was 10. To this day, it’s still my favourite Pokemon movie as well as one of my top favourite animated movies of all time.

Skarmory is a good second for this gen. Its sleek design and high defenses have made this Pokemon a notable member in my gen 2 and 5 teams. As a kid, I used to pick Entei for my team instead of Suicune simply because I favored Feraligatr over Typhlosion at the time. Even so, just like with Vaporeon, I think that Suicune has the most elegant design out of all the members of its respective trio. Scizor is a Pokemon I never really had as a kid, due to lack of friends that played Pokemon + owned a link cable. Even so, its design in Pokemon magazines, trading cards etc. still caught my attention, even back then. So the next time I play either Silver or SoulSilver, you can bet that Scizor is gonna be a part of my team!

GEN 3: This one was a bit toughie, since I would have liked to include Gardevoir, Skitty (or Delcatty), Aggron and/or Mightyena as well. Absol, Blaziken and Kyogre have been members of my team for multiple times, just like Aggron, Gardevoir and Altaria. In the end, I went for the “biggest cool vibes”.

Latias is a Pokemon I’ve never had as more than an occasional guest in my team (and only in White 2 PWT battles, because my main team in the whole game had only 5 pokemon) but unlike Scizor, I’ve been able to see Latias in action thanks to the 5th Pokemon movie. Now, I’m one of those people who can’t stand pokemon + human pairings unless the Pokemon has assumed a human form. And even then, it would still feel too wrong if the Pokemon in question would act all animal-like. Thankfully, Latias in the 5th movie acted humanely ENOUGH that I wasn’t bothered by her obvious crush on Ash. In fact, it was kinda sweet, even if I’m a Pokeshipper at heart (and therefore Misty’s reaction at the end of the movie was priceless :P).


GEN 4: Another easy gen, since I’m not too fond of majority of Sinnoh’s native Pokemon. Just like Lugia, Lucario is definitely up there with my “top 10 favourite Pokemon of all time” list. As a cat person, I really like Luxray’s lion-like design but it’s really a shame how subpar Luxray’s overall move pool is. A pokemon with emphasis on attack over special attack, and yet the most powerful physical electric move it had in gen IV was just a mediocre Thunder Fang? Not cool, Gamefreak. And out of all the version mascots, Giratina caught my attention the most due to its menacing design and habitat. I mean, good grief that haunted house music in Turnback cave! Reverse world in Platinum was nowhere near as creepy, but nevertheless, the well-used perspective changes and the overall bizarre nature of the place made it one of the most memorable locations in the entire series! Top it all off with this battle theme:…

Finally, Empoleon, in all of its regal penguin glory, was the first fully evolved starter that I preferred way over the other two. In previous gens, I usually liked two final forms quite equally: Charizard and Blastoise, Typhlosion and Feraligatr, Blaziken and Sceptile. With gen 4, there was no real competition. In recent years, I’ve started to warm up to (pun partially intended) for Infernape, but it still pales in comparison to Empoleon in my eyes.


GEN 5: Here we go, my favourite gen gameplay wise, my least favourite gen Pokemon design wise. As such there wasn’t much competition going for the top slots, though I do regret having to remove Reshiram from this list. As much as I like the dragon of truth due to its overall fluffiness (and cute dog-like head), I’ve never quite liked the more bulkier areas of its body. Therefore, Haxorus nabbed the #1 dragon pokemon of the gen-prize. It’s strange that I ALWAYS seem to prefer the non-pseudo-legendary dragons in each and every gen. Why they always manage to give the better designs for the less powerful dragons, I don’t know.

Bisharp reminds me of a serious and cool superhero/antihero. I guess that’s partially the image Game Freak was going for (as well as “traditional Japanese bandit wearing samurai armor”). It’s a shame I couldn’t get a Pawniard until very late in the game in White 2 (and couldn’t even breed one until post-game), because my poor Bishard got tossed around like a ragdoll in the White Treehouse thanks to its crappy stats.

Virizion, the “Aramis” of the three musketeers swords of justice, the perfect balance of grace and style. As you may have noticed by now, I seem to have thing for Pokemon I consider elegant, cool, or both :P. I do like cute Pokemon too, like mentioned before. If this meme would’ve had 6 slots per gen instead of 4, chances are I would have included Pokemon like Mew, Natu, Skitty and Joltik.

Braviary is probably the most “American” pokemon one could ever think of. But that DEFINITELY ISN’T the reason why I like it! First, there’s the usual cool factor, but then there’s also this:

They fight for their friends without any thought about danger to themselves.

While that message is very typical indeed in the Pokemon franchise itself (and heck, in majority of all anime/manga/JRPGs/etc), it’s not something you usually see in Pokedex entries. While it’s true that Pokemon in general are pretty social and helpful to one another (even if they’re different species), Braviary just seems to go the extra mile in that regard.

GEN 6: One step forward, numerous steps backwards – that’s how I feel about this gen. Unlike Sinnoh or Unova, Kalos had a pretty solid selection of new Pokemon. I liked many of them, or at least I didn’t think that this gen had too many “ugly” Pokemon like in the last two gens. But man oh man did Gamefreak mess up with the story and overall pacing something fierce with  X & Y… Anyway, onto the things I actually LIKED in this gen.

Yveltal caught my attention the moment I saw the reveal trailer for X & Y. I do like Xerneas too, but somehow Yveltal is closer to my personal taste. Perhaps it’s that very Lugia-esque physique or the overall “darker” appearance, I dunno. At any rate, I even bought an Yveltal pin from ebay (along with Xerneas) just so that I could attach this soul-sucker onto my hat :3. I tell ya, it’s already pretty bizarre to feed a bun to a possessed sword… but it gets even more so when you do the same to the destruction incarnate XD.

Pyroar is a big déjà vu for me – I like it AND dislike it for the same reasons as Luxray, except with Pyroar, the attack vs. sp. attack is totally backwards. This Pokemon SHOULD have definitely been attack-oriented! The reason for this is because Pyroar has a decent selection of powerful physical attacks. But for the more powerful sp. attacks, you mostly get just normal and fire type moves (with a few surprises like Snarl or Solar Beam). Oh, and Pyroar’s abilities are just rubbish. Still, a cool looking fire lion is still cool, and I like the different mane styles between the two genders.

Unlike the living trash bags or ice cream cones from the previous gen, the whole Honegde line actually MADE SENSE! Goes to show how one CAN make a Pokemon based on inanimated object and still give it a cool and legit sounding backstory. Though it makes me wonder – if Honegde and its later forms were originally swords that became possessed by the spirits of the dead, how come these things can REPRODUCE? I mean, where do the baby swords come from? Or the baby spirits? Are the baby Honedges really spirits of stillborn children or aborted children or whatever? And the swords themselves – do they just materialize from thin air?! … I guess that I’m thinking this too much, but I’d be lying if I said that I hadn’t thought about this more than once. But yeah, I picked Aegislash for this meme, though I do like all three from its line.

I confess, I was one of those people who were 100% sure they’d pick Fennekin as their starter… and then switched sides once they saw the leaked images of the fully evolved starters. Whereas Fennekin became more “meh” with each evolution, Froakie got just better and better. Greninja’s tongue scarf is both hilariously bizarre and pretty darn cool. It’s all about HOW he carries the thing, looking serious and professional as hell, despite the fact that his tongue is all wrapped around his throat X’D. Oh, and the water shurikens are also kinda cool, not to mention that nifty Protean ability… Like I said, I know almost next to nothing about the competitive scene, but given Greninja’s stats and skills, I wasn’t surprised to hear how it was “banned” from all levels sans Uber.

And that’s it. If you actually made it this far, then I thank you, truly. As you can see, this meme was more about my thoughts than “art” hence why I was a lazy ass and copy pasted those sprites from bulbapedia.
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