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Humanity's Destiny

There is a bit of made up lore that I have for this piece. I was inspired by one of my daydreams that I had while waiting on my turn to give a speech for my final, and just couldn't help but create something to go along with it, also I had some musical inspiration which can be found through this youtube link:

During the creation of man, there were many great planets for the great creator to chose from. His sons and daughters ruled a planet of their own, and when deciding on a planet to place his creation a rivalry began between his two daughters, Venus and Earth. Earth was the youngest while Venus had waited eons for her father to create life for her planet, but it seemed Earth was to be selected for humanity to thrive upon. 

Earth believed their father's choice was the right one, but Venus grew envious. Despite her siblings and father telling her that her planet was too hostile for his fragile creations, she demanded to prove that they could live in her realm. For Centuries, the two sister fought relentlessly until one day their father came up with a solution. One human was to live on one planet for a decade and then move to the other for the same amount of time. The human;s best life would decide who would shelter humanity.

Venus was selected first so that they could prove her planet was too hostile. Her family assumed the human would beg to be sent to Earth, but that did not happen. Instead, the human and Venus fell in love and began to live a happy life on her planet. When his ten years were up, he was forced to leave for Earth. He lived a miserable life, but had grown to be stronger and healthier than his life on Venus. Physically, he thrived on Earth while suffered on Venus and so their father decided Earth would be humanity's home.

That one human was relentless with his desire to return to his lover, Venus. On several occasions he tried to leave Earth to go back, but was stopped by other humans, lack of technology, and the limitations the creator placed on his creations. Until the day he died, he had told his story and planted the seed of exploration into humanity, which is why to this day our kind strives to reach other planets.

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this is amazing, could you do a photomanipulation for me?