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I Did It For The 'Stache.



Because if it came right down to it, Bret would be Mario, JUST for the prospect of sporting that epic 'stache B)

My Bret entry for the :iconblue-stahli-fans: and :iconcell-mates: dual contest.

EDIT: Oh wow, Second Place!! Thanks so muuch!!! >w<

My theme was (obviously [hopefully? o.o]) Super Mario Bros. After I scrapped my original idea in lieu of something with the ORIGINAL original style (pixels, baby!), I may have gotten a tad too over-enthusiastic and let myself get carried away. >_>;;

Everything's referenced only, pixeled by hand/"tablet-taps". I tried to make Bret's nose and stomach not so overly ridiculously large. -shrug-
And for the record; pixel-counting's a Bitch ._'.

Anyway, hope you like it!!

All copyrights to Bret and Super Mario Bros./Nintendo. I own nothing in this picture but the blood, sweat and art.

I have a newly founded, WAY high appreciation and awe for people who do pixel animations like this on a daily basis. Kudos to you x.x;

EDIT: Forgot to mention, it's 100 frames, as that was the limit on the GIF maker I used, otherwise there'd be that game-accurate 12 coins per box. Which was 66 frames too many o_o;
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Seems like a tough way to make money, unless you have a really durable skull! Seriously, great flash. It's cool to see Mario as a Metrosexual (because of the pink).:iconimgayplz: