Details Make all the Difference

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Check out how the DETAILS make all the difference.… Cartoonist Bud Sagendorf shows how the details of a scene can make three completely different backgrounds out of one simple set-up.
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Is this from a book?? Doya know the name?
I'm REALLY loving everything on that facebook page and I'd really love to invest on buying what ever book(s) they're from because wow they're amazingly good advice...
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Hi BagToon...these are from the classic Famous Artists Cartoon can find the books on eBay, or there are great scans here: [link]
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Oh wowie Sherm, thank you so much!!!
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That's actually clever and quite convenient! :)

I never would have thought of re-using a simple background set-up and end up creating three different backgrounds. I may have to try that sometime. ^_^