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Just posted pages from"The Know-How of Cartooning" (1946) freshly-scanned rarities Come check it out!
Check out how the DETAILS make all the difference.… Cartoonist Bud Sagendorf shows how the details of a scene can make three completely different backgrounds out of one simple set-up.
Cartooning TREES -- today on my vintage "How to Draw Cartoons" page at
More Vintage Cartooning Tips! Lots of new scans from some really old cartooning books -- See what I've been scanning this weekend at
I've been scanning and cropping a whole BUNCH of vintage tips for the "How to Draw Cartoons" page Come on by and let me know what you think!
Table of contents posted for vintage "Popeye's How to Draw Cartoons" book -- Take a look at which lessons are coming up next:
Popeye's going to be teaching ya how to draw cartoons over at>>> <<<Check out the vintage scans from this 1939 book!
I'm building a "How to Draw Cartoons" page -- Do you like old-school vintage tutorials or modern ones? I hope you'll come by and let me know in the comments section at >>>> <<<<
The REAL story about the making of the words of those who were there...…
To all aspiring animation artists: Disney Feature Animation is still accepting applications for their Fall 2012 Talent Development Artist Program. Trainee positions open in Story, Animation and Visual Development.… Only six days left to apply!
"How to Draw Clothes and Folds" from the classic Famous Artists Course -- the best tutorials on the topic you'll ever find!…
Classic cartooning lessons from 50's funny-animal cartoonist (and Disney animator) Ken Hultgren!… ...and MORE at…
As many of you know, I've been working on Disney's Fish Hooks show for the last couple years...but you may not know that I'm also IN the show every week as the pet store owner named "Bud"...…
From my online storyboarding class, a segment on the "P.O.V." shot -- it's one of the most useful techniques
you can use in your storyboarding bag of tricks!

That "P.O.V." chapter-stop in the video is already cued up for you at
My first-ever in-depth five-week LIVE and INTERACTIVE Online storyboarding class -- special early-bird price will save you $200 off before Monday. Come join us for a very hands-on interactive class! All the info is here >>> <<<<
New LIVE Online Storyboard Class this coming Saturday morning for everybody that missed out on the last one! Register:…
Illustrated interview with Star Wars storyboard artist…
Some GREAT old-school storyboards by Irv Spector; Loose, sloppy, fun and full of LIFE…
New free online class this weekend -- "7 Hidden Patterns of Successful Storyboards"… I'll be teaching some great material that I've never shared in public before. Sign up for free at >>>… <<<
Last week I taught a class at CalArts and the students just ate it up. I had so much fun that I wanted to do it again online!
You can sign up for FREE at >>>… <<< See you there!