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Whats Eating Patrick? Storyboard to Film

NEW episode of  SpongeBob tonight on Nickelodeon at 7:30 pm! Here's a little storyboard-to-TV comparison preview.
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Sure thing dude. I'll see it.
Meowitrixx's avatar
Omg I'm gonna watch this on the nick app.
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i cant wait for the new one where spongebob adopts snails
JacobJayCraft's avatar
is this a season 10 episode or a short?
Spong18775's avatar
Nope, its a season 9 episode
DarylT's avatar
Looking forward to eventually watching it in the UK
BewilderousSloth's avatar
I really enjoyed this episode. It was visually creative and charming like the recent episodes so far.  :)
bcbwrick's avatar
I like the comparison art. You can clearly see that one plate of hamburgers is bigger...
aoii91's avatar
this episode- WAS AWESOME !!
I have always adored your artwork ever since I was little, Mr. Sherm!  :' D
Bunny-Kirby's avatar
This episode's worth a watch! ^^
Editor7's avatar
I saw the episode! :D It was sweet
Shy-Sniper's avatar
I expect tons of montages in this episode.
Question: do you know if Stephen Hellinburg has yet returned to the show?
BewilderousSloth's avatar
As far as I'm aware he just contributes jokes and oversees some things, but he's not in a showrunner like position. Vincent and Paul (and the writers) are the ones who are really the ones in charge.

Feel free to correct me on this though. The recent episodes have been a huge step up from the last few seasons IMHO. :)
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