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Two Face Dancing Guy

Painting fun in ArtRage and a little in Sketchbook Pro. I took a doodle I had made on storyboard paper, scanned it, made the white paper background disappear in Photoshop. Then imported to ArtRage for all the painting. Then colored the lines in Sketchbook Pro.

I was trying out all the tools and settings to get that scrumbly Golden Books kind of texture to my paint. Fun!

When I do work for the studios, it usually has to be clean and slick, so when I paint for myself, I'm not at ALL converned about "painting inside the lines." It feels quite liberating after so many years of being hung up on making things look "just right." :)
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Heheh, really interesting, non the less! :D I like how one of the faces is happy and the other is not really, maybe not :D
Keep up good work! ;)
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This definitely does have a Golden Book-esque look to it. Nice, and retro looking. :) I've been wondering how Golden Books made their cover arts look like that haha
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Thanks insanity...I'm glad to know I'm on the right track. Now that I have this fun practice painting under my belt, I'll start working on more!
RagdollZombie's avatar
lolz two heads are better then one :P becuz two heads have two brains :3
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Oh that's a cool design, I do agree with you. It's nice to have freedom in your own art at times. :)
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Thanks Verkins...good to hear from you!
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lol, it looked like you had fun! ^^ lol, dancing man. :XD:
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Yes, I got totally immersed in the eyes are still aching from staring at the screen so much while I was painting!
ScittyKitty's avatar
lol, iknow your pain. I know your pain. ^^
NatalieTheAntihero's avatar
Whoah, it's freaky and jazzy! :XD:
Even if you have overpainted the lines, it still looks professional. :wow:
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Thank you! I Love hearing "freaky and jazzy!" I sure appreciate it ^_^
NatalieTheAntihero's avatar
You're welcome. Good to know. :D
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It came out very well, Sherm!!
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Thanks Harley...I had a lotta fun!
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It happens when you do something you like :D ! my pleasure!
HarleyGreen's avatar
Hello Sherm!!! I have a doubt! I recently got artrage too and saw it is fantastic to emulate "real painting" I was wondering, could it be used as professional software for illustrating, since PS doesn't do many effects like it? I immediately reminded of this picture once I tried it! All the best!

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Thanks Mike...and thanks for "faving" it!
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You're quite welcome
dwightyoakamfan's avatar
This is just awesome! :D

I see what you mean, it does
feel great to just go out of
the lines and go with the flow
after you've gone a while made
having to stay clean and perfect.

Great job on this little sketch! :heart:
shermcohen's avatar
Thanks very's nice when art can be fun again ^_^
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This looks cool! :D Well done, Sherm!
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Thanks very much!!!
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No problem, dude! I am glad you are posting tutorials on various Animation Techniques. I have just uploaded 2 villains for my ToastBoy idea, and here they are.

1. Main Villain:

2. Smug Billionare:
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