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Tutorial 9 More Pushing Poses



#9 in a series of 12 tutorial sheets created for the SpongeBob crew in 2005 (4th season) and the second on "Pushing Your Poses." You can often turn a plain old pose into something much more expressive...just treat your drawing as an actor and "ham it up!" Exaggerate the acting and put the most emphasis where the emotion affects the movement.

This sheet is basically a demonstration of the "line of action" principles from the earlier tutorials. Dynamic angles (see tutorial #7) have also been used to replace the more straight-up-and-down weaker poses.

All tutorials in this series at: [link]

Check out lots of free video tutorials on my blog at >> [link] << See you there!
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Attempted action lines once... the character I drew looked like he was either about to snap his back, or made of rubber. :(