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Tutorial 9 More Pushing Poses

#9 in a series of 12 tutorial sheets created for the SpongeBob crew in 2005 (4th season) and the second on "Pushing Your Poses." You can often turn a plain old pose into something much more expressive...just treat your drawing as an actor and "ham it up!" Exaggerate the acting and put the most emphasis where the emotion affects the movement.

This sheet is basically a demonstration of the "line of action" principles from the earlier tutorials. Dynamic angles (see tutorial #7) have also been used to replace the more straight-up-and-down weaker poses.

All tutorials in this series at: [link]

Check out lots of free video tutorials on my blog at >> [link] << See you there!
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Attempted action lines once... the character I drew looked like he was either about to snap his back, or made of rubber. :(
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I see what you did thar. :3
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"Running.... better start running! SPRINTING!! I JUST GOTTA KEEP SPRINTING!!!!"
Amelia-SquarePants's avatar
i love the one called run for your life its funny and on a mission its awesome!
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One of the things I've been really trying to make myself remember is to push characters actions further.
I've been drawing Ed Edd n Eddy fan art for practice (making a comic for fun) and after I drew it all out I realized how static it all was. Those characters do wild-takes to the max and I wasn't using them to their full potential. So every day I tell myself (in completely off-subject situations) to remember when I draw to try to push the poses further.

We'll see if I ever learn. lol.

Thanks for these tutorials. They're like little bits of stuff we should already know but we get our little "Oh yeah!" moment when it's put into words and visuals like this. :)
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These are really helpful Moakes things much simpler to understand :)
Tweekling's avatar
I've been looking through all of these, and I must say, I've learned quite a lot.
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These tutorials are sweet!!!
hilawo's avatar
Just so awesome :D
leyzy's avatar
hairology's avatar
Excellent tutorials
shermcohen's avatar
Thanks very much! It means a lot to hear that!
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I faved all these tutorials! Not only it'll help me with epic Spongebob poses but working with the LOA (Line of Action). These tutorials help alot, thank you. :)
shermcohen's avatar
You're very welcome! Thanks for the feedback and for all the tutorial faves ^_^
Artgirl121's avatar
No problem. :) I find your tutorials very easy to understand and it's very well done. :)
K0R2N3H's avatar
I'm really going to experiment with these concepts. I always find myself not pushing myself far enough.
shermcohen's avatar
Have fun...experiment! You never know what might appear!
K0R2N3H's avatar
Will do! I think I'll start that mini-series I've been meaning to do called "cramped" where I draw characters cramped in small spaces, but not so tight that there's no vivid motions in the scene. Meh, I'll have to show you, lol. I can be bad at explaining myself at times...
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Really nice and line are really great got to love animation
shermcohen's avatar
Thanks erwin...I appreciate hearing from you! 3 more tutorials coming soon :)
eriwinsan's avatar
Lol not at all Sir we learn new thing every day :) if not from a teacher well from some one else and student should appreciate that and i might say THANK YOU!! SIR :)
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Those are very cute expressions for the characters as well. Think it's the little things like these that help me with my expressions for them.
shermcohen's avatar
Hi annie...thanks! I'm really glad you find them helpful! ^_^
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