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Tutorial 8 Push your Poses

#8 in a series of 12 tutorial sheets created for the SpongeBob crew in 2005 (4th season) on "Pushing Your Poses." You can often turn a plain old pose into something much more expressive...just treat your drawing as an actor and "ham it up!" Exaggerate the acting and put the most emphasis where the emotion affects the movement.

This sheet is basically a demonstration of the "line of action" principles from the earlier tutorials. Dynamic angles (see tutorial #7 ) have also been used to replace the more straight-up-and-down weaker poses.

More in this series:

Check out lots of free video tutorials on my blog at >> [link] << See you there!
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Pose pushing was used at Carbunkle Cartoons by Kelly Armstrong. Whereas many animators tone down poses, she turns them up.
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I saw this in my animation class (: Really helped with back curves.
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thanks to you, i'm much more confident in character posing! now i can add as much emotion as i want, because i know how. thanks, man! :D
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We have this picture in my art class, always gives me inspiration :)
Raveneesimo's avatar
A nice reminder. :)
NerdyGeekyArt's avatar
Witty, simple, and impressive altogether.
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Brilliant, Sherm. Thank you for sharing this with me. Dave
itland-9-13's avatar
This is brilliant! Thank you so much!!
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Thanks for this! I'll keep these tips in mind :)
IceValaxy's avatar
"This is dumb." "This is dumber." That part made me giggle so much xD But very helpful :D I'll keep these kind of things in mind :D
CrispyKarasz's avatar
Now these and the rest of your tutorials should be useful. :)
erisabesu-kuro-gosai's avatar
This has inspired me. .___.
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Here's my second attempt!


I hope you like it! :dummy:
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Oh man, this is so helpful, you have no idea! :iconiloveitplz: I hope you don't mind if I post something similar? I'll credit you for the idea, of course! ;D
shermcohen's avatar
Please do! I'd love to see it :)
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I did do this one... > [link] < But I plan to do a better one since I didn't really try on the first two sketches.

When I do, I'll link you, if you like. =3
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"this is dumb, but this is dumber"
:heart: lovely
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:iconvictoryscreechplz: this is awesome.
Pirs4x's avatar
..Dumber! *__*
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WOW! You're sharing with us a GOLD MINE :D
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It could always have a bit more dumb, am I right?
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I really need to remember this! Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful tutorials with us :heart:
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This is awesome. ^^ I love "This is dumb. But this is dumber." It is indeed dumber, in a positive way = D Yay for expressive poses!
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I laughed at "This is dumb, but this is dumber"
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