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SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs - Movie Storyboard

"You didn't get the job!" -- Digging through boxes of my old drawings today, I found this storyboard panel from "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie."
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Sherm, What do you think of spongebob today? one things for sure its definetly not as good as the old ones..
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I'm ready....depression....
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(mr. krabs descends in to a volcanic landscape and lands on a grill , is suddenly tied to the grill  , which turns , and mr. krabs hears a evil laugh , which is revealed to have come from a demonic entity , which reveals itself)
entity : yes , mr. rabs , welcome to the bloody pit of horror
mr. krabs : what's going on , who are you
entity : i'm oderus urungus from GWAR
mr. krabs : really , GWAR , eh , why not
oderus urungus : look at what you've become , a disgusting , rancid pile of meat , if you keep eating krabby patty junk , you're gonna see a lot more of me
mr. krabs : aw maaaaaaan
(a minute later)
oderus urungus : are you guys serving the rib patty yet , if not , i think i might just have to take 1 of yours fatso (drives his hand in to mr. krabs's chest and pulls out some ribs and laughs evilly)
(mr. krabs hears voices telling him to wake up)
oderus urungus : (makes random noises) that is what your heart is gonna sound like (makes more noises)
mr. krabs : hey oderus , ya know why i can't stop eating krabby patties , BECAUSE THEY'RE FUCKING DELICIOUS (tears away from 1 of the ties , then turns a dial to deep-fry , and oderus wails in fear as fire rises up , and mr. krabs awakens)
(a few minutes later , howard blandy descends in to the bloody pit of horror and lands on the grill and is greeted by oderus , who laughs evilly)
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This scene was hilarious! Thanks for posting this :)
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Looks at picture whats he saying to spongebob -_- then reads description and is like OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :D
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Great stuff. These characters are awesome fun. RICK
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owwww poor bob :S

but this is amazing!!

thanks for share :)
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just awesome expressions!
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I remember i cried when my mother didnt buy me this movie X'D Never too old for Sponge Bob uvu
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I enjoy looking at old sketches. Even ones like this.
a tiny tip of advice.

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Memories...such wonderful memories from this movie. :)
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Aww I love that movie.
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Love it!!! Bob's face is awesome!!! so expressive :D
I like this movie a lot, I've seen it like 10 times and I can't get tired of it ^^
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Your panels are always so beautiful and expressive, great stuff! Loved the movie! :)
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Ahh, I love story boards! Thanks for sharing!
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i hear there's a new up coming spongebob movie.
is that true?
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It's true -- we're working on it right now :)
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You're in the Spongebob movie crew? Awesome!
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