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SpongeBob Tutorial 5

#5 in a series of 12 tutorial sheets created for the SpongeBob crew in 2005 (4th season) --More on Line of Action

I first encountered the notion of the "line of action" in the classic animation book by Preston Blair. He was an animator for Disney and MGM, and he popularized the concepts that were developed and being used every day by the masters of Golden Age animation.

The good news is that this book is available for free online, and the specific page you'll want to look at is about a third of the way down on this page>>>[link]<<<

Check out lots of free video tutorials on my blog at >> [link] << See you there!

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h e y s p o n g e b o b
Nat000Frog's avatar
Drawing cartoons has to be the best job ever.
MSKM2001's avatar
I'm planning on being a cartoonist just like you.
I have some books I brought that teaches you to draw.

And I know your drawings help too.
hilawo's avatar
I love Patrick. So cute :)
HideousBlob's avatar
...this picture is very funny.

Proving that line of action is essential!
shermcohen's avatar
Thank you, Kila...I'm really glad you lie the tutorials!
NatalieTheAntihero's avatar
This tutorial sheet is the funniest. :D
The way you draw Spongebob in sketchdrawings is really cute, especially because of the expressions. :aww: And good thing you have put some text for Patrick, because I almost thought he would talk about something else in the first row, like for example: "Spongebob, you have to do something!" or "I saw a tree that looked like this." :laughing: :+fav:
Besides the original sheets from Preston Blair, I think yours are more adorable to watch. :heart:
shermcohen's avatar
Hi Natalie...I'm sure glad to hear that you're liking the tutorials! More to come soon...:)
NatalieTheAntihero's avatar
You're more than welcome, Sherm.
Sounds great! :dance:
dwightyoakamfan's avatar
Wow, I got a reproduction of that
animation book by Preston Blair
when I was 9 or 10 years old,
It had a profound effect on me
also, It helped me so much with
learning the basics of animating.

I'm 15 now, almost 16, and I still
have and use that book to help me.

I even created a minute long
animation when I was 14, it
doesn't sound like much but it
took me 3 whole days to make.

I love old things and I featured
Laurel and Hardy in a short cameo
in the cartoon, and now I'm going
to be featured in a book about
animated films with Laurel and Hardy.

I love to get inspiration from
other cartoons and books.

Sorry for rambling about myself, I
get so passionate about stuff like this.

But thank you so much for this tutorial.

shermcohen's avatar
Hey I'm right there with you! I love Laurel and Hardy and old cartoons. It's best to study the originals instead of copies of copies ^_^
dwightyoakamfan's avatar
The originals are always the best to study, but
you've got to take inspiration from something :meow:
YazzoB's avatar
Very useful tutorials. Printed these out a while ago along with the storyboard handout on your site. :D
shermcohen's avatar
Hi YazzoB...thanks for letting me know...I'm really glad to know they're useful!
LillayFran's avatar
Two words: "istant" and "fav" :+fav:
shermcohen's avatar
Thank you Lilly... there's 7 more coming soon ^_^
LillayFran's avatar
: D Great notice!!!
ScittyKitty's avatar
omg, BAD BREATH!! I love that episode~

"I caught... the UGLY!" omg, lol to the MAX! I like the paper episode the best... ^^
hairology's avatar
A useful sheet....small but essential touches like Spongebob leaning back slighlty. Good info...
shermcohen's avatar
I didn't label these because they were given as part of a live class...but you're right about the leaning's all about the characters interacting and responding to each others' movements and attitudes
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