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SpongeBob Tutorial 4 Action

2005 (4th season) More on Line of Action

I first encountered the notion of the "line of action" in the classic animation book by Preston Blair. He was an animator for Disney and MGM, and he popularized the concepts that were developed and being used every day by the masters of Golden Age animation.

The good news is that this book is available for free online, and the specific page you'll want to look at is about a third of the way down on this page>>>[link]<<<

Check out lots of free video tutorials on my blog at >> [link] << See you there!

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These are really helpful. Thank you!
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The pose Patrick is making in the bottom left drawing reminds me of a clip from one particular SpongeBob episode... Right now, all that comes mind for me is 'free from jazz'? Haha, oh well.

These are great sketches/references, thanks for putting them up Mr. Cohen. :)
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Whoa... deja vu... I think we recently viewed one of your tutorials in class!
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That's great to hear! In fact, I can't even tell you how happy it makes me to know that people are using the tutorials. Where are you studying?
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BYU. I think it was in storyboarding class.
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Awesome (y) :D
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You know, if your Spongebob tutorials were collected into a book... just saying... I'd buy it. You know, just saying.
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Hi invaderjes...That's very nice to hear, but since I don't own the characters that's not likely to happen. Maybe I'll re-draw them someday with original characters instead.
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i was thinking about these this morning and i rememer that you did story boarding for the Mighty B cartoon. I was thinking of the main girl (her name excapes me) and how she responded to different events through-out the episode. I could picture her over reacting and the way she jumps around when she is talking. Then, i thought back on this and how the emotions are. I began to think about the lines and thier locations. It is odd, I watch animes and read mangas and i began to notice that they do not have this. If they do, you can barely tell.

Huh, that was just a thought that popped into my head, sorry for this long paragraph. ^^;
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Hi Chaos...I never thought about that, but of course there are a lot of differences between the classic american style and the anime styles. Nowadays it seems they are starting to blend more and more ^_^
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yeah, your right. :) i know taht i will be one of them to make them blend even more. XD

but yeah, i noticed that while i was watching "The Sky Chasers".
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